Published November 10, 2015

Why You Should Start Working Out with Your Friends


There's strength in numbers and at Fhitting Room we believe that to be true, especially when it comes to working out. We like to think having two instructors in each of our classes will help you HIT it when you are on the verge of throwing in the towel. Incorporating a FHIT friend into your workout regimen will yield the same benefits.

Benefits of getting fit with Friends

Motivation: For some of us, there are few better motivators than a little friendly competition. Working out next to a friend will encourage you to work a little harder, move a little faster and pump a little heavier. The extra effort you exert may even be the boost you need to overcome a fitness plateau.

Commitment: Some days it's easy to come up with a 100 reasons why you should skip the gym. One way to avoid the temptations of your imaginary excuses is to plan a sweat sesh with a friend. Make your workout dates with buds non-negotiable by booking a fitness class in advance.

Companionship: Whether you’re running on the track or doing partner burpees, you’re more likely to enjoy a workout in the company of friends. Having a friend around also means you’ll have someone to discuss the cute instructor with!

Time: Life is busy. Why not incorporate BFF time with your gym time. Schedule a weekly FHIX with your best bud and reap the bonding benefits of breaking a sweat together. Then plan a catch up sesh over celebratory green juices (or margaritas!) after.

Courage:  Step outside of your comfort zone by enlisting a friend to join you.  If lifting weights or working out in a group environment makes you nervous, bring your best friend- a little company goes a long way!
In celebration of FHITness and Friendship we want to salute those pursuing a FHIT lifestyle together by offering some pumped up promotions that will make your endorphins jump for joy. 

Face your first FHIX together

First time clients who come in together can receive  the Feeling FHIT Intro Offer at half price. Call (212) 772-1166 or email to schedule. Reference the promotion code NEW2FHIT when booking.  Code must be redeemed by 5/17/13

Friends with beneFHITs

Already a Fhitting Room pro? Bring in a first time FHIXer and receive a complimentary class for future use. Please call, email or tell us upon check in who your friend is in order to receive the complimentary class. Call (212) 772-1166 or email to schedule. Reference the promotion code FHITFRIEND13 when booking.  Code must be redeemed by 5/17/13

Get the whole office FHIT with a FHIX

Challenge your coworkers to leave their Blackberrys and iPhones in the boardroom while you squat, jump and sweat it out together.  Email or call (212) 772-1166 to book a private class with 10-12 of your co-workers at a discounted rate.