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that FHIT FEELing

Our classes will leave you feeling stronger and more resilient in both body and mind. Discover how our workouts power everything else you do in your life.


To expect

Personal Attention
Different Workout Daily
Science Backed Results
Science-Backed Results
Training for Everyday Life
Training for Everyday Life
Certified Trainers
Supportive Community
Supportive Community

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with Signature

We offer classes designed to help conquer life’s daily activities. From high-intensity Signature FHIT to skill focused Just STRENGTH, read our class descriptions to determine which class is right for you.

Online Class Booking

Be on time

We recommend showing up or hopping online a few minutes before class begins to chat through your goals, ask any questions, and get comfortable.

Hustle for that Muscle

Set Yourself Up for success

In studio? Fill your water bottle, grab a towel, and find your spot on the ceiling. If you’re taking class at home, you need a space the size of a yoga mat. It’s ideal to select a bright area and position your device so your entire body appears in the frame.

Trust Your FHITpros

Your FHITpros

Whether you’re new to fitness or simply new to Fhitting Room, you’ll feel right at home. We’ll get to know you quickly and your workouts will feel like more than fitness in no time.

Connect with a feeling

with a feeling

Exercise is an elixir of life, and the benefits of our workouts extend to everyday activities from carrying groceries to overcoming challenges at work. Our classes will leave you feeling stronger and more resilient in both body and mind.


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