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Renee’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Community • May 7, 2024

We’re so thrilled to celebrate 5 years of living FHIT with our talented FHITpro, Renee! She’s been a positive force in our classes since she joined our FHITfam, pushing all FHIXers to set goals, level up, and have fun while working out! This kettlebell queen introduced our wildly successful Advanced Kettlebell class and can often be found taking this class, now led by FHITpro Dale. To celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re sharing some of Renee’s Fhitting Room journey.

1. How did you get started on your fitness journey?
I fell in love with the feeling of being strong versus just trying to lose weight or burn calories. I wanted to share this passion to help others find their strongest selves.  

2. Why were you interested in Fhitting Room?  What do you love most about working at Fhitting Room?
I was first drawn to Fhitting Room because of the kettlebells and the workout. Kettlebells were my choice fitness tool and the modality I felt most strongly about, so I wanted to work at a studio that specialized in kettlebells. What I did not expect and what has kept me passionate about Fhitting Room is the supportive community. It is the people that I love most about working at Fhitting Room! Our community is so amazing and we make sure that everyone feels a part of it from their very first class.  

3. Do you have a favorite Fhitting Room memory? 
Too many honestly and I really can’t pick one, but I can say that many of my most memorable and special moments were post-pandemic getting to coach Advanced Kettlebells in the FHITpit at Flatiron. We created a smaller community within our community and that has continued to grow. 

4.  Why would you say Fhitting Room workouts are so effective?
A workout is only good if it is done consistently. Our classes are so fun that you want to keep coming back. Staying consistent over time is how you see results. I think that is what makes Fhitting Room workouts so effective. Consistent FHUN – Consistent FHITness! 

5. What’s your favorite movement you would find in a Fhitting Room class?
I have to go with the Kettlebell Snatch. It involves skill, so you need to put the time in to practice it. It is powerful, something we all lose as we age, and it is a total body movement. Lots of bang for your buck! 

6. Best piece of fitness advice?
Make fitness a priority in your life. It won’t always be easy to put the work in, but if you find a workout you love and surround yourself with other people that share this love, staying consistent will be easier! 

Want to celebrate with Renee? What better way than signing up for a FHIX with her!