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Meet Our FHITspiration: Melody

Community • May 7, 2024

Say hello to Melody, our fabulous FHITpro and soon to be first-time mom! Mel has been leading classes on LIVE! and working out throughout her pregnancy, staying FHIT while she gets ready to welcome her little one into the world. We have loved being part of her journey as she prepares for motherhood! Learn more about how Mel started at Fhitting Room and what she is excited about as a soon-to-be mom.

How did you find Fhitting Room?
In 2015, I was working as a receptionist/personal assistant/marketing assistant/everything else at a graphic design firm and I was hating it. I walked by the Flatiron Studio when it was under construction and sent a cold email to see if they had positions open. I loved fitness and it was already a big part of my life, but never something I’d considered as a career. I took a job working the front desk because I knew it would cover the cost of classes. I quickly fell in love with the classes and kettlebells. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could become a trainer. Luckily, Eric and Kari saw some potential in me and decided to take a chance. I’ve been working as a trainer for the last 8 years.

Do you have a favorite FHIT memory?
I have many! Every FHIT BBQ, every holiday party, but most of my favorite memories are just simple times spending time with other people on the team. Back when there were two FHITpros per class, I always enjoyed sharing the room with someone else. Also, Survival of the FHITTEST 2020 was SO EPIC. We had such a great turn out, the energy was insane, and I loved being able to crown my husband as the winner of the Assault Bike Challenge. 

How have Fhitting Room classes helped you prepare for motherhood? 
Classes have absolutely helped me keep my energy levels up. It may seem counterintuitive, but I always feel better after a workout. The days that I have the most aches and pains tend to be the days that I didn’t get much movement in. I’m a trainer myself, so I knew how to modify the workouts as my pregnancy progressed, but the coaches at Fhitting Room are well equipped (and pre/postnatal certified) to give modifications and alternatives!  

Any advice for expecting mothers looking to stick with a fitness routine? 
I would say to take it day by day! I was very lucky and didn’t experience any nausea or morning sickness, but I know that’s not the case for many women! Take advantage of the days you feel capable of working out and do it! Reach out to a prenatal certified trainer. You need to do more than just “listen to your body” because sometimes things feel OK and safe in the moment, but leave you uncomfortable the next day. Switch up your routine as needed. I used to work out every morning bright and early, but when I got pregnant, I was so tired for a while and prioritized sleep as much as possible. That often meant working out midday instead, or just going on a long walk in the afternoon and squeezing in 15-20 minutes of low-key weightlifting. Someone who is a current fitness fanatic may feel like they are “sacrificing” things when it comes to their routine, but in the grand scheme of things, pregnancy is a short amount of time and anything you are sacrificing is for the health of your baby! 

What are you looking forward to most about being a first-time mom?
I am so excited to have a little family! I think my husband is going to be an incredible dad, so I can’t wait to see that. I can’t wait to see my little guy smile and laugh. I’m excited to see if he looks like me and/or my husband. I’m excited for so much! All of his firsts – like what foods make him light up, watching him crawl around, and eventually having him hang from a pull-up bar for the first time and seeing how long he holds on :).