At Fhitting Room, diversity, equity, justice and inclusion are at the core of who we are and the community we cultivate.

Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Carlos Davila


Meet our Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Carlos Davila. Carlos is one of our very own FHITpros and a Professor of Psychology and Sports Psychology, with a strong background in DI initiatives and research. Learn more about Carlos and Fhitting Room’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to help drive forward meaningful change.

The JEDIs Team

Our Jedi Team

At Fhitting Room, we value diverse viewpoints and perspectives. The JEDIs are our impactful group of team members across all levels of the organization, dedicated to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

BeneFHIT Events

Pride Month
Pride Month

in beneFHIT of The Human Rights Campaign + GRIOT Circle

Black History Month
Black History Month

in beneFHIT of PA’LANTE

Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month

in beneFHIT of National Hispanic Health Foundation

International Women's Month
International Women’s Month

Celebrating female-founded companies


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