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Don’t settle for a workout that’s only good enough. HIIT + Strength workouts with smaller classes + better trainers. Take your fitness to the next level.

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Learn more about our classes and get hooked on feeling FHIT with our 2 for 1 intro offer.

in studio

Keep your workout efficient and social. Expect tons of personal attention from our certified trainers and a group energy that is unmatched.

at home

Our digital workouts bring the expertise of our trainers and energy of group fitness to you.

Boost Metabolism

HIIT can increase your metabolism during and after your workout.

Torch Calories

Science proves that HIIT can burn 25-30% more calories than other workouts.

Build Muscle

High intensity interval and strength training means feeling AND looking stronger. Win-win.

Increase Endurance

Interval training is proven to lead to cardiovascular efficiency and improved performance.



What Makes Us Different? What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us


Add power and energy to your daily life with dynamic, impactful kettlebell workouts that get your entire body pumping. Discover the magic of kettlebells and train for life.


Discover your strongest self

Signature high intensity kettlebell training, expert FHITpros, and a community that is intimate but not intimidating. Yes you can.