A space for everyone to feel seen, safe, and included. Step into Fhitting Room and discover a workout where inclusivity and intensity meet.

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Signature FHIT®

A one-stop-shop for strength and conditioning, complete with functional movements, high-intensity intervals, varied exercises, and a total-body focus.


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What to expect

Strength training and conditioning

Training for everyday life

Feel stronger and ready to tackle life. At Fhitting Room we practice moves that translate directly to everyday life making activities like carrying groceries, lifting your child, running, or even walking up stairs, easier. Not to mention bells make you feel badass!


to form

Our team of FHITpros are the best in the biz. They have personal training certifications to deliver the safest, most efficient workout. We also have TV screens demonstrating the movements for additional in-room guidance.

Different workout daily

We like to keep things interesting. No day is the same. Expect varied exercises and functional movements for an effective total body workout. Did we mention unlimited kettlebells, dumbbells, countless other equipment such as med balls, battle ropes, and of course our cardio machines: assault bikes, ski ergs, and rowing machines for the most efficient workout possible.



Upper East Side

349 East 76th Street
Between 1st and 2nd Avenues
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Upper West Side

584 Columbus Avenue
At 88th Street
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31 West 19th Street
Between 5th and 6th Avenues
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Our #FHITFamily

Fhitting Room is more than a workout. When you step into our doors you’re joining a welcoming community .


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