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When you train at Fhitting Room, you’re training for everyday life. Our classes incorporate high-intensity intervals and functional strength movements that translate directly to daily life activities. Experience a smart, efficient workout, delivered in a proven, science-backed format so you can conquer life for years to come.

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Discover the magic of Kettlebells

Discover the magic of Kettlebells

Kettlebells are central to our programming because the benefits and potential to progress are limitless. Kettlebells are uniquely versatile and offer intrinsically holistic workouts, simultaneously building strength, endurance, power, balance and more. Becoming kettlebell confident translates all aspects of your life.

6 Reasons to Add High-Intensity Interval Training to Your Routine

for life

Our movements are functional and work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to engage your total body in a way that mimics real world activities. Whether you’re working out in studio, LIVE!, or On Demand, you’re getting your body + mind ready to conquer everyday life activities.

The power of HIIT TRAINING

The power of HIIT TRAINING

Our method combines high-intensity movement with education to deliver a safe, effective, and fun workout. With short bursts of intense exercise, alternated with low intensity recovery periods, our workouts provide maximum health benefits in minimal time. Ready to see what it’s all about?



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Expect tons of personal attention from our certified trainers and a group energy that is unmatched.

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Our digital workouts bring the expertise of our trainers and energy of group fitness to you.


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