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Rules to Live FHIT By

Community • April 20, 2023

BE PROMPT – Late arrivals are not permitted to join once class begins. Please arrive 5 minutes before class; 10 if it’s your first class. This will permit time for you to check in and enter the studio before class begins.  

WE GET IT, FHIT HAPPENS – We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. There will be no penalties if you cancel prior to 12 hours ahead of your class time. If you cancel under 12 hours ahead of your class time or if you miss class and you booked with a class credit or package, you will be charged an $18 late cancellation/no show fee. The good news – you get to keep your credit that you booked with so you can come get your FHIX in the next chance you have.

For our Monthly 4, 8 and 12 Class Membership holders, late cancellations and no shows will result in the forfeiting of the credit you used to book the class. We have removed the late cancellation fee. If you are on an Unlimited Monthly Membership, you will be charged an $18 late cancellation/no show fee. While we know that sometimes things pop up at the last minute, we are unable to make exceptions to this rule. 

If you are on the waitlist for class and a spot opens up, you will be auto-enrolled up to 8 hours before the start  of class. You will receive an SMS message and/or email confirming your addition to class. If a spot opens up within the 8 hour window, a member of our team will reach out to confirm before booking your reservation. If you have added yourself to the waitlist and can no longer attend class, please be sure to remove yourself from the waitlist so you are not auto-enrolled. This will avoid accidental late cancellation penalties.

GERMS + HYGIENE  – If you are sick, please don’t schedule a class. If you have a sick child at home, please wash your hands before entering the studio. We love a good sweat. We also love good hygiene! Make sure appearance, odor, and cleanliness are a priority for you before entering the studio. Your classmates and our team will thank you. 

SECURE YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS – Please lock your bags and other personal belongings in the lockers outside the studio before entering or place small belongings in the cubbies located inside the studio. Do not bring any bags, coats, or large items into the studio.

NO PHONING, NO TEXTING – Focus and High Intensity Training go hand in hand. Use of mobile devices is not permitted inside the fitness studio during class. If necessary, please leave your device with one of our helpful FHITdesk team members. After class we encourage you to grab a selfie with the FHITpro or in front of our kettlebell wall #LIVEFHIT.

YOU’RE SO WELCOME – We’re delighted to provide you with a green towel and a cute hair tie, but please enjoy only one of each.

HERE TO HELP – Once inside the studio, please DO ask for help if you have any questions. If you have any injuries, need modifications or have a limited English vocabulary or any other communication needs, please let our team know so that we can accommodate as much as possible. After all, inclusivity is one of our core values.