Published May 27, 2019

The Sweat Scoop: May 2019


Outdoor workouts, sunscreen dos and don’ts, and the real-life diet of one of the world’s strongest men. Do we have your attention yet? In our May edition of The Sweat Scoop, we break down the latest news you need to know. Read on to catch up on the stories you may have missed this month!

  1. It’s finally outdoor workout season.
    Believe it or not, one of our favorite parts about summer isn’t the rooftop happy hours. There’s nothing we love more than taking our workouts outdoors for a little Vitamin D boost. This ab circuit from Men’s Health will definitely be in our rotation this season.


  1. Summer is coming. Learn how to protect your skin, the right way.
    When you’re outside sculpting those rock-hard abs, make sure you’re protecting the outside of your body, too! Women’s Health breaks everything you need to know about using the right type of sunscreen. Turns out, there’s more to applying sunscreen than we thought!


  1. The world’s second strongest man eats a lot of… Sour Patch Kids?
    GQ spoke with Patrick Vellner, the world’s second strongest man, to talk all things diet. The 28 year-old CrossFitter and Reebok athlete eats mostly what you’d expect from one of the world’s strongest dudes (mainly, a lot of chicken and rice). His guilty pleasure? Sour Patch Kids by the handful.


  1. Do you GOLO?
    Paleo, keto, micros, GOLO. While we can hardly keep up with the latest diet trends, GOLO may be one to watch out for, for better or worse. Health breaks down everything you need to know about GOLO, the latest buzz word in fad diets. Is it safe? Read on to find out.


  1. Teens need exercise, too.
    According to a new study, exercise may help teenagers’ sleep habits. Researchers found that when teens got more physical activity than they’re used to, they went to bed earlier, slept longer, and had more restful sleep. According to researchers who conducted the study, adolescence is a critical period to obtain plenty of sleep—it can affect behavior, focus in the classroom, stress levels, and even eating habits.


  1. You might not need to count your steps anymore.
    If you have a FitBit or pedometer, you’re no stranger to the 10,000 steps rule. Maybe you’ve even done some pretty crazy things to reach your daily step goal. Walked in circles around your apartment? Yup. Visited the water cooler at work even when you didn’t need to? Been there.

    Now, there’s a new metric in town. According to Well+Good, counting steps may be a thing of the past. Instead, your VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen your body uses during intense exercise, is a good way to measure your overall physical potential. Learn more about VO2 max (and how to calculate yours) here.


  1. Here’s why pull-ups are so damn hard.
    Ah, the pull-up. Perhaps the most elusive workout move of them all. According to Greatist, that’s because the move uses not one, not two, but 21 different muscles to execute. Sound intimidating? Our very own FHITpro Daury gave Greatist the scoop on what exercises you can do to build up the strength needed to achieve a pull-up on your own. Just remember: everything takes practice!


  1. Going on a weekend trip? Pack these five things.
    Now that we’re past the Memorial Day hump, we’re already planning plenty of sunny summer getaways and weekend road trips. But you know that won’t stop us from getting a workout in! That’s why we’re following mindbodygreen’s packing guide. Stay glowy and get your sweat on with these essentials!


  1. Get toned arms without weights.
    Speaking of weekend getaways, if you’re traveling this summer, this guide from Refinery 29 can help keep those arms toned without having to pack weights in your duffel. It’s all about the bodyweight.


  1. New research shows working out in the morning yields serious benefits.
    Sorry, night owls. Looks like early birds really do get the worm. According to Bustle, a new study shows that working out in the morning can improve mental clarity and decision-making skills later in the day, especially for those who sit for long periods of time (looking at you, 9-5ers). BRB, gotta go set five alarms.