Published July 5, 2018

The Sweat Scoop: June 2018

June Sweat Scoop

  1. Headed to the beach this weekend? (Or every weekend this summer?) This 25-minute bodyweight workout from Women’s Health will help you stay in shape this summer—without sacrificing your beach days.
  1. ICYMI: A photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently went viral, proving that she’s a strong woman both in and out of the courtroom. It showed her planking, and we’re impressed. According to Well + Good, RBG’s personal trainer Bryant Johnson has released a book detailing her workout, so now you can get ripped like Ruth.
  1. Speaking of strong women, Ronda Rousey will soon be the first woman inducted into UFC’s Hall of Fame. Refinery29 notes that this honor is highlighted by her six consecutive title defenses, the most by any female in UFC’s history.
  1. New research from the CDC shows that only 23% of adults get enough exercise, reports CNN. Interestingly, warmer weather states like Florida, Georgia, and Alabama seem to get less exercise, while colder weather states like Colorado, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts get more.
  1. Thinking of adding more weight training into your workout routine? mindbodygreen spoke with seven women to explore why they weight train. Their responses might just inspire you to pick up a kettlebell next time you’re at the gym.
  1. Every year, Men’s Health releases their Fitness Awards to help you amp up your workout routine. This year’s list has all the gear you need to look good, move better, and recover faster.
  1. Kick your gym days up a notch. This playlist from Shape is designed to keep you moving during your next HIIT workout. The pace of each song is meant to match your movements, so you stay motivated through even the toughest intervals.
  1. Busy parents everywhere have relied on pouches of puréed baby food for years now. However, experts say that babies and toddlers who eat them regularly may miss out on vital development skills that contribute to healthy eating habits. Read more from The New York Times.
  1. Business Insider explores what type of workouts to do in order to see different results. To no surprise, high-intensity interval training helps improve both speed and strength.  
  1. Now that things are heating up for the season, it might be time to revisit your meal-prep planning. Lucky for you, Shape has rounded up eight high-protein lunches perfect for summer. The best part? Each recipe takes less than 20 minutes to make.