Published December 31, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: December 2017


This was a big year for Fhitting Room; we opened our newest location in March and added a few new all star FHITpros. We’re so proud of everything our FHIXers have accomplished: from climbing mountains to crushing marathons, losing the baby weight to gaining confidence and strength, we continue to be inspired by each and every one of you. Keep reading for the last pieces of FHIT news we talked about in 2017 and the stories motivating us to HIT it hard in the new year!

1) If you struggle to squeeze in workouts, these 15 minute routines are your new secret weapon. Designed by our own Daury Dross, AskMen shares two short HIT workouts that will get your heart rate up fast while also helping you build muscle.

2) We love pushing it to the max, HITing it safely is the only way to see healthy, long term results. SHAPE breaks down the four biggest risk factors when it comes to interval training and studios with knowledgeable instructors leading you as a must. We couldn’t agree more and love our instructor duos for this exact reason: double the form checks and double the injury prevention.

3) Everyone knows that regular exercise can help you lose fat, but did you know it also makes your fat tissue healthier? The New York Times explains a recent study which found that even a single workout session can change the molecular workings of fat tissue in a way that can improve metabolic health. Talk about instant results!

4) Another day, another piece of research pointing to the brain boosting benefits of HIT workouts. The Observer discusses a recent study published by the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience that suggests that interval training can help improve memory and decrease the risk of falling victim to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s as you age.

5) Looking to create a home gym in 2018? Check out this shopping guide from New York Magazine. The round up includes a rower recommendation from FHITpro Eric Salvador so you can rack up meters on the erg in between trips to the Fhitting Room.

6) Curious as to which workout trends reigned supreme in 2017? Business Insider put together a list of all the most popular types of exercise, based on how frequently they were Googled. FHIT favorites like burpees, tabatas, and TRX training all made the list and HIT itself secured a spot in the top 10 as well.

7) If you’re eager to drop some weight in 2018, this SELF article will help you pick the best workouts for your goals. Weight training, Tabata, and interval training were some of the top picks for weight loss, so regular FHIXes are pretty much a triple threat.

8) The next time you’re looking for a snack and a pick-me-up rolled into one, consider choosing one of the foods on this list of energizing eats by Men’s Health. Combining a couple is a great way to put together a meal that will help fuel your next workout, no energy drink required.

9) The next time you’re struggling to make it through a FHIX, consider trying to smile a little. Well+Good breaks down a recent study which found that exercisers who grinned throughout their workout performed better than those who kept a neutral or distressed expression.

10) Need a last minute New Year's resolution? Check out these 50 creative resolutions from PureWow to find one that works for you and your lifestyle.