Published November 12, 2015

power. strength. love. mom - Alanna


We celebrate FHIT moms all year long at The Fhitting Room, but in honor of Mother’s day, we are spotlighting some of our amazing pre- and post-natal “MotherFHIXers” on our blog this week.  What’s a “Mother FHIXer?”

motherFHIXer  [muhth–er fik-ser]  noun: the epitome of strength, endurance and power. source of unconditional love.

Our next “MotherFHIXer,” Alanna, is a FHIT mom who started coming to TFR while she was pregnant, and continued during her pregnancy and is back HITting it harder than ever!

Did you start coming to TFR pre/post baby?
My first ever TFR class was on November 10, 2013.  I found out I was pregnant on November 14, 2013!  Even though I was new to the class, I was not concerned about continuing through my pregnancy because I was very active/fit going into my pregnancy.  After my first class, I was hooked.

How has getting your FHIX helped make your pregnancy easier?
I had an amazing pregnancy.  No aches, no pains, no swelling (my feet/hands never swelled, I was able to keep all my favorite shoes, and wear my wedding rings all the way through!).  I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy, 4-5x a week, a combination of spinning, SLT, running and – at least 2x a week – TFR!  People would always say to me how lucky I was to have such an easy pregnancy, but I really attribute it to my effort to stay active and FHIT the whole long nine (actually 10!) months.

I also had a relatively easy delivery, and I attribute that to my working out through pregnancy as well.  The labor was long, about 30 hours, but when it came time to do the work and push – I only pushed for 12 minutes.  The pushing is no joke, but even after the long exhausting labor I was feeling strong and ready to go.  The Dr. actually said to me after my first push “You literally just did four hours’ worth of pushing in that one push” – I was so happy!

How has getting your FHIX post baby helped to change your body?
I was back in to my regular, non-maternity clothes less than a month after I gave birth, I know this is 100% because I worked out during my pregnancy.  But, even though I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes shortly after having my daughter, things weren’t exactly looking and feeling the same.  My belly was SOFT – obviously, this is to be expected!  TFR helped me really tone things up and strengthen all the core strength that I lost during my pregnancy.  Getting my FHIX has also helped with my posture, which from breast feeding and bending over to pick up my baby, definitely took a hit.

FHIXing post baby has strengthened me not just physically, but mentally too.  I am a better mom because I work and stay active.  It keeps my head clear, keeps me in a good mood, and keeps me energized to keep up with my now crawling nine month old!

How often do you get your FHIX?
Now with a baby and being back at work it is obviously tough, but at least 1x a week, hopefully 2x!

What’s your favorite exercise move we do at TFR and why?
I HATE the rower but I LOVE how winded and out of breath it gets me – really gets my heart rate up.  And hamstring curls on the jungle gym are brutal, but I love that you can feel them working immediately.

Did you feel like you still got a full workout when you worked out while pregnant?  What kind of modifications did you do?
Absolutely.  I would leave class sweaty and tired, but feeling great.  Obviously there were a lot of modifications for my abs, as theres a lot you can’t do.  But my favorite modification was using the Bosu Ball for burpees.  People think I’m lying when I tell them that I was doing burpees while nine months pregnant.  But I did it!  All the instructors were so helpful and supportive with all of that stuff.


Any tips you learned along the way for new moms out there that are looking for a new workout?
SCHEDULE your workouts, like you would an appointment.  Don’t just “plan on working out later”.  Plan a time, put it in your calendar, make sure whoever will need to be watching the baby (spouse, babysitter, family member, etc) has it in their calendar as well.  For me, I used to never work out early in the morning, but now that’s when most of my workouts are because it’s just easier to do before the baby is up for the day.  Find a time that works and try to fit it in.  I work full time at a hedge fund Monday through Thursday, so I know it’s tough – but make it a priority if it’s something important to you.

Also, for pregnant ladies - don’t listen to the naysayers.  So many people would question my working out during my pregnancy or give me strange looks when they saw me.  Everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion.  Just listen to your body (and your Dr. of course!) and do what is best for you.

How else has getting your FHIX changed you (ie- not necessarily physical)?
For me, working out during my pregnancy was not just for the physical benefits but also (and at times even more so) for the mental.  It really helped me stay sane throughout the whole process.  There is a whole lot you can’t control when you are pregnant, particularly about changes your body goes through, and that is tough.  Working out helped me feel somewhat in control and “normal”.

The same can be said now that my daughter is here.  As a new mom, you have a lot of really great days, but also a lot of really hard days.  For me, staying active at TFR helps me keep it all together.  After 50 minutes of “me time” at TFR, I leave on such a high and step back into my working mom role feeling like – ok, I’ve got this!

What first brought you to TFR?
Curiosity!  My husband and I moved to the neighborhood (81st) in the Spring of 2013.  I would always walk by and see the classes going on and was super curious.  I finally gained the nerve to try my first class that fall!

*Fun fact: I earned a “Survival of the FHITtest” shirt this past year.  I feel especially proud to wear it since I spent the first half of the year in months 5-9 of my pregnancy, and then was not able to work out for about two months post-baby!