Published June 16, 2017

FHIT Father's Day 2016


Here at Fhitting Room, we are all about our FHITfam. We’re not just talking about the clients we see day in and day out; we care about our FHITfam’s families as well. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of thought, effort and support and can heavily influence the behavior of those around you. This Father’s Day, we wanted to shine the spotlight on a few FHITdads that are influencing the wellbeing of their children and families by setting a rockstar example.

What first brought you to The Fhitting Room?

Gavin: Is that a trick question?! As the founder’s husband and investor in the business, I figured I should give it a try :)

Robert: I started at The Fhitting Room early on. It was around the block from my place, so it was super convenient. After a while I liked it so much I cancelled my gym membership, and it’s been all I have done for over two years now. Functional movements. Nuff said.

Andrew: I was first introduced to high intensity training though a personal trainer that my wife was training with. When The Fhitting Room opened, I loved that I was able to replicate the same type of total body strength and cardio workout in a group exercise setting and still get the individual attention from TFR's dual-instructor model. The instructors are awesome, and not only do they push me, but the class setting creates an environment that reinforces pushing yourself. It never gets old and it never gets easy!

Vickram: My wife, Kalpana, first brought me to The Fhitting Room. She’s been going since it first opened on our block. She kept pushing me to go, and after walking past it for nearly a year, I decided to give it a try. I got hooked right away.

Tony: I first discovered The Fhitting Room 3 years ago when I met it’s founder, Kari, at The Town School, where I am head of school and she is a parent. As something of a gym rat, I was looking for a workout routine to help keep me motivated, so I thought I'd give it a try. My first class was a humbling experience. I was sore for a week, but I was also hooked. It has become a 2-3 times a week obsession ever since. With the pace of life in the city, The Fhitting Room provides a great way to stay in shape and maintain some semblance of balance.

TJ: I started going to The Fhitting Room when the Flatiron studio opened and loved the high-energy workout. It is never the same and somehow manages to fly by so quickly! The staff is great too - so friendly, starting with the front desk - and the instructors are all super motivating and awesome to work with.

Patrick: I first came to The Fhitting Room after doing some research on my own on the best ways to do cardio, build muscle, burn fat and work the whole body. Once I started researching high intensity interval training, it was a no-brainer to try it. It checks every box. I signed up for the intro-offer and jumped in. The workout was great, better than I expected. I wasn't in very good shape when I started (still getting there!), but all the instructors were really great at working the room and helping everyone. I never felt like I was holding back someone else who was extremely fit. The front desk staff is great, always friendly, helpful and positive. The vibe isn't clique-y at all, which is very important to me.

How has getting your FHIX helped you in your role as a dad or preparing to become a dad?

Gavin: One of the most important things to me is to be able to stay active and play sports with my kids. The Fhitting Room makes that much easier. I want to be a role model for my kids; I think it’s great for my boys to see me prioritize working out; plus, I want them to be proud of having a healthy dad who’s in good shape. I’d like to live a long time and stay “young" and active. This isn’t exactly how getting my FHIX helps me in my role as a dad, but I’m hoping getting my FHIX will help the mother of my kids remain attracted to me (have you seen her co-workers?)! 

Andrew: I hope that the example that my wife and I have set for our children of staying healthy and regular exercise will be ingrained in them. Good (and bad) habits start early. A quote from one of my children one morning as I can back from TFR dripping with sweat: "I know why you go to The Fhitting Room. 1) to be like Eric. 2) it's good exercise. But really I think you want to be like Eric." Kids know! I also appreciate that I can run around with the kids, horseplay, play sports, etc. and worry less about injury as well as keep up with them. They certainly appreciate that I can still carry them around when they feel like having a ride!

Vickram: My kids would walk past the window on 80th street and see me in there and it would be motivating to see them through the window. It's been a great experience and has definitely made me more fit and allowed me to do awesome things like take them on a hike to Anthony's Nose this past memorial day. My 2 daughters, Rehka and Leela, and I did a 900-foot climb on Bear Mountain.

Tony: As the father of two daughters, now 18 and 23, being FHIT helps me keep up with them and maybe even seem a little hip, an increasingly difficult proposition! Lucy, my younger daughter, joined me for a class with Daury and Simon a couple of months back. She did well - oh, to be 18 again - but I think she had new respect for her dear old father.

TJ: About 10 years ago, in advance of our first child being born (he is 8 now) I had gotten to a point in my life that I realized I needed to make my health a real priority. Not only was it important to do that for myself, but more importantly I needed to start doing that in advance of having a family so that I could be around as long as possible for them. I need to be an influence on them so that they prioritize health and fitness in their lives as well. Just telling your children it is important is pointless; you have to model the behavior to drive home the point.

10 years and 25 pounds ago, my fitness evolution started with a personal trainer and going to the gym. Over the years though it has evolved into one where I no longer belong to a gym and my focus is on High Intensity Interval Training classes, aka: HIIT, or perhaps we'll call it "FHIT", which has led me to devote half of my allocated fitness time to The Fhitting Room and the other half to personal training. I always walk out of a TFR class feeling so much better than when I walk in!

Patrick: In terms of helping me be a dad, my kids definitely notice me going to and from The Fhitting Room. They ask me a lot of questions about what I do there and why. I show them how to do some basic exercises, and my 5 year old enjoys burpees! It is an easy way to open a dialogue about healthy choices in terms of fitness and diet. Part of it is talking about it with the kids, but also leading by example.