Published November 10, 2015

Father's Day Fun at Fhitting Room!


Squeezing in your daily FHIX over a holiday weekend can be difficult – especially when it involves breakfast in bed. What we love about our FHIT families, though, is that they always find a way to make time for their health, whether that be coming into the studio three times a week or packing nutritious lunches for their kids. This Father’s Day, we’re giving our FHIT fathers an easy way to celebrate both their FHITness and their families with these active and engaging events happening around town.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game 1864
If your little dudes/dude-ettes are baseball buffs, this is the perfect family FHIT sporting event. We know that as a family dedicated to living FHIT, you’ve spent a fair share of your time rooting for your favorite sports teams, screaming passionately (loudly) at games, and digging in on cheap hot dogs. But trust us when we say this b-ball showdown is different than any you’ve ever seen before -- because it’s all played in 1864 fashion! Despite a generation gap, children, adults, and FHIT fanatics alike can enjoy a retro spin on a classic American pass time this Sunday at Pelham Bay Park thanks to the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. And the best part? After you cheer for old school homeruns and watch pros catch fly balls with their bare hands, you and your tots will get to take a swing at the plate. Talk about the coolest FHIT Father’s Day, ever.
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Kayaking on the Hudson
We know the Hudson is your go-to running spot every summer morning, but what about making it your go-to rowing spot this Father’s Day? No need to hit the gym equipment for this FHITness filled day, because you’ll be working your upper back and arms while making a splash with your family on the Hudson. After chowing down on some FHITness fuel at brunch, head out to 72nd street with your little ones to kayak down the river (and get the ultimate Sunday FHIX) completely free of cost.
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ASICS Run Club
Whether you’ve got a teen that’s a track star or you just feel excited at the thought of starting your day with a run around the block, ASICS® Run Club is an awesome way to kick off Father’s Day with the fam while still getting your FHIX.  Every Sunday all through June, your favorite sneaker brand is bringing you a cross-training workout that incorporates running, yoga, and agility drills – and anyone up to speed is invited to join! Just make sure you save some energy for all of your upcoming FHIXes next week…
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Outdoor Tai Chi
For all the FHIT dads feeling extra ambitious this Father’s Day, you can opt for some intense morning zen at Riverside Side Park. This low impact material art is ideal for all ages, so feel free to drag your FHIT families out to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at 89th Street for a free sweat sesh along the Hudson. Relaxation and a fresh-air FHIX? Sounds like the ideal holiday to us!
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