Published November 12, 2015

If You Can't Take the Heat, Get Out of The Kitchen: Fhitting Room x Ritual


As some of our social media savvy FHIXers may have noticed, FHITpros Java and Julia recently heated things up in the kitchen with Ritual.  Ritual is a fresh food delivery service that recently opened up shop in NYC.  Java and Julia partnered with Ritual to test out cooking some of their meals at home.  Since they got so many questions about Ritual post-FHIX and on their social media posts, we decided to do a full round up of their Ritual experience!

What you need to know about Ritual: 
At Ritual, we hand-deliver fresh, prepped ingredients for recipes tailored to your dietary preferences to nourish your every day; the concept behind our ready-to-cook service is sophisticated and health-oriented. We work with community, local and organic farms and source directly from artisan purveyors, and our recipe development team works hard to create delicious, refined sugar-free dishes. We're also made for people who are always on the go, so we've made our dinners fridge to table in less than 30 minutes (and clean up in less than 5).

Head to to learn more. 


Ordering process / options to choose from:

Java: I opted for one pescatarian meal and one vegan meal.  From each category there were several appetizing options to choose from.  I made my selections, and the ingredients were delivered to me on Sunday afternoon within the delivery window time.

Julia: I decided to try one omnivore and one paleo meal. The descriptions of each meal told me the exact ingredients that would be included, which was very helpful in choosing. They were very accommodating in delivering the ingredients to me.   Everything came in a nice cooler bag to ensure that the ingredients were fresh.


Was it easy it was to prepare?

Java: This was by far the easiest meal I have cooked in a while.  I was able to sit down to eat within 20 minutes of cooking.  Any average Joe can cook this meal.  You don’t have to worry about getting out your measuring cups and prepping anything.   All of that is done for you.  Plus some of the containers are re-useable which is nice.  The bag the meals are delivered in is fully insulated; it will come in handy this summer on a beach day!


Julia: Each ingredient was packaged in the cutest little containers, neatly labeled, and for the most part, pre-chopped, which is always my least favorite part of cooking!  The instructions that came with the meal were extremely easy to follow. Overall, I would say it took me about 30 minutes to prepare each meal, from bag to table.


How was the taste and overall seasoning of the meals?

Java: The food was very good, and it really is restaurant quality. It also makes for a fun date night in.  I like knowing every ingredient that’s in a meal, which you don’t get when you go out to eat.  The prawns were really fresh, maybe even a close comparison to the prawns I had in Spain (which were the best I have ever had!).  I also really liked that I was exposed to new ingredients like daikon that I have never cooked or eaten before.  All the spices were portioned out to perfectly season my meal.


Julia: The food tasted great!  Sometimes when I cook my own meals, they turn out bland and lacking flavor, but these were full of flavor.  Having prepared the meal from scratch, I knew exactly what was in my meal and that the ingredients were fresh, which added to my enjoyment. It was also just the right amount of food to fill me up, which is often hard to do!


Java’s meals (above)

How was the clean-up? 

Java: For both meals I was able to cook with a total of 3 pans: skillet, saucepan, and frying pan.

Julia: Clean up was easy! A few pans and a cutting board were all I had to clean. And since it was a meal for one, I had minimal dishes to clean.


Julia’s meals (above)

Would you do it again?

Java: My experience with Ritual was great.  I will be ordering again.  I would love to do a Friday or Saturday night where I can cook everything myself and then watch a movie.

Julia: Absolutely! The convenience of not having to go to the store and buy each ingredient, many of which often go to waste, and the easy to follow instructions make Ritual well worth it!