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Published January 27, 2020

Celebrating 5 Years with Simon

This week on February 1st, we’re celebrating Simon as he rings in five years as a FHITPro. A Bronx native, Simon was a high school and college track and football athlete. Today, he remains an avid runner and organizes health and wellness events around New York City. Simon’s passion for FHITness is evident in his high-energy teaching style and ear-to-ear smile. He encourages clients and other FHITpros alike to be their best, both inside and outside of the studio.


FHITpro Simon teaching class with New York Jets linebacker, Avery Williamson.

Like many of our FHITpros, Simon joined Fhitting Room by way of an introduction from El Capitan, Eric. (Simon and Eric were colleagues at a top New York City gym as private trainers to high profile clients.) When the time came for Fhitting Room to expand, Eric asked Simon if he’d be interested in becoming a trainer at Fhitting Room. Simon’s experience, coupled with his expert understanding of training, both as an athlete and instructor, made him the perfect FHIT for the growing team. Five years later, Simon has led over 6,000 classes and is part of a small team that mentors new FHITpros. Among them, Pierre.  

“I think Simon is awesome... the energy he brings to class, the way he’s able to put on the biggest smile in a room has pushed me to become a better trainer," says Pierre. Education and mentoring is one of Simon's favorite aspects of being a FHITpro. “I’m able to share experiences they’ve yet to encounter," he says.

“When you have someone as respected, experienced and talented as Simon on your team, they become a natural mentor for many. I love seeing Simon mentor so many FHITpros on our team both as part of their formal training and then extended well into their tenure on the team,” explains Fhitting Room Founder, Kari Saitowitz.


FHITpro Simon at the New York City Marathon. Photo courtesy of @lululemonnyc.

For Simon, fitness is life. It’s this simple yet fundamental view of physical health that drives his passion for teaching clients, too.  “I want to give everybody the tools to life,” he says, by “building healthy habits [and] following some kind of exercise program." Simon says having a workout routine “lends itself to being disciplined in other areas of your life.” Any time a client hits a new PR or “feels super confident with a move,” is when Simon knows he’s making a difference. 

Today, we celebrate Simon and his dedication, enthusiasm and love for our team. We are so proud of Simon’s accomplishments and contribution to our FHITfam. Simon, thank you for being a model for living FHIT and cheers to the next five years!