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Best Training Shoes for HIIT + Strength Workouts

Fitness • July 16, 2021

Choosing the right training shoes for your workout is important to prevent injury and maximize results. We know choosing the right pair can seem overwhelming with all the options out there. While there is no “one size fits all” (no pun intended),  we’re rounding up recommendations from our Fhitting Room trainers for the best shoes for HIIT workouts. These FHITpro approved sneaks are great options to successfully crush your next Fhitting Room class.

  1. Eric S. (AKA “El Capitán” and Head Trainer at Fhitting Room): The best shoe for HIIT is the Nike Metcon 7 in my opinion. When you’re doing HIIT classes you need a stable shoe that will allow you to squat, deadlift, clean and snatch kettlebells all while still being light and flexible for box jumps and burpees. Running shoes are great for running but those cushion heels are not ideal for lifting & swinging bells. This shoe is also durable and comes in some fun colors. 
  2. Mel S.: I personally love the Nike Air Max Bellas. First of all, they look great! Second of all, they have a nice flat sole, but still, a little bit of that Air Max bounce. That makes them more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time and a bit more ideal for me when it comes to a Fhitting Room class. I wouldn’t wear these on a day of HEAVY LIFTING, but they are perfect for HIIT sessions. 
  3. Garen M.: The Innovate F-Lite 195 CL. I’ve had this shoe and have been using it for HIIT/Cross Training for 8 years. I haven’t changed. It’s the best. I’ve probably gone through about 15/20 pairs now.
  4. Carlos D.:  I personally am a huge fan of the Nike MetCon because they offer great stability, are great for HIIT/Crossfit workouts, and are pretty durable.
  5. BLD: My favorite shoes for HIIT right now are the On Cloudswift. I like them because they have a wider forefoot and toe box which helps with stability. They are a good mix between being firm for strength work but also responsive & cushioned for the dynamic movements.
  6. Renee: Outside of training barefoot, I love all the Nike Metcon! They are on the minimal side, getting your foot closer to the actual floor, which makes them better for strength movements.  They offer a large toe box to allow your toes to move around as well….both of these make them a better shoe for swinging, cleaning, and snatching too! They are offered in so many colors too so you can always find one that you like the look of too!  
  7. Riley: I have the Nike Metcon 5. They give me the best support/grip for jumping and for strength skills like Kettlebell Swings and Cleans.

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