Published April 26, 2018

7 NYC Fitness Classes to Shake Up Your Routine

7 fitness classes

Maintaining a regular routine is important. Having a set schedule gets you to work on time, just as it gets you to the gym on time. But when is it time to add some variety to your fitness game plan?

It’s important to shake up your fitness routine in order to prevent plateau. When you work the same muscles in the same ways regularly, they begin to adapt to your moves. If you’ve ever spun your wheels wondering why your time in the gym wasn’t paying off, adaptation could be to blame.

How can you adjust your routine to prevent your time and efforts from going to waste?

The easiest way to break up the monotony is by varying the types of fitness classes you’re taking to work different muscle groups.

New York has the best offerings in the way of specialized fitness boutiques. Check out some of our favorite fitness classes in Manhattan below:

1.    Fhitting Room
If you’re looking to HIIT it in NYC, Fhitting Room is the place to be. With 3 studio locations and an ever-changing program of workouts, the team of trainers is ready to show you a good time and tough workout, regardless of skill level. Check it out for yourself and book a class with this intro offer

2.    Flywheel
This indoor cycling studio takes working out to the next level with its unique score calculator. Each bike comes equipped with a “TechPack,” a unique performance-tracking system that measures your progress over time.

3.    Sky Ting
If you’re looking for the yoga experts, look no further than Sky Ting. With two locations in Manhattan, and a third that recently opened in Brooklyn, this boutique yoga studio has a variety of classes for all levels, from beginner to yogi master.

4.    Shadowbox
This dimly lit (but always *lit*) boxing boutique has two NYC locations. The studio combines traditional boxing techniques with high-intensity training, making this workout high energy and highly enjoyable.

5.    SLT
The name stands for “Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone,” and the classes will do just that. SLT combines cardio, strength training, and Pilates for a workout that will leave your muscles quivering—in the best way possible.

6.    DanceBody
Opened by former pro-dancer Katia Pryce, DanceBody combines professional-level choreography with cardio for a fitness class that’s fun and functional. With 8 New York City locations, this might be one of the easiest fitness classes in Manhattan to find.

7.    Mile High Run Club
This unique studio is designed for marathon runners and beginners alike. Classes combine time on the treadmill with kettlebell work to build endurance and strength. This studio is home to many runners looking to train for a race when running outside in the harsh winter is not an option.