Published November 10, 2015

4 Reasons to Boost Your Hydration

Hydration 15.jpg

With bright skies and warm weather ahead it’s time to trade in sugary drinks for a naturally refreshing and hydrating option. Whether you choose to drink water on the rocks or infused with fruits and herbs, there are countless reasons why this powerful element is a great compliment to your fitness regimen.

Supports Muscle Growth
Water carries nutrients throughout the body and serves as the solvent for minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. When fully hydrated our bodies are equipped to break through fitness plateaus, burn more calories, and experience lean muscle growth.

Prevents Cramps + Sprains
Sore hamstrings and small injuries will be a thing of the past. Proper hydration will keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so that you can push through those final jump squats.

Boosts Energy + Focus
Trade in your Americano for a tall glass of water. Not only does drinking water help you think, focus and concentrate better, you will find yourself with increased energy. That last round of tabata burpees will be a breeze!

Controls Calories
Forget other diet tricks, water is your secret weapon. When hydrated you are less likely to indulge in unnecessary calories and therefore stay on track with fitness goals.

Our instructors drink water all day everyday. Whether El Capitán (aka Eric) is sipping real coconut water, or Ben is enjoying fresh lemon water they understand the importance of hydration. Follow their lead by naturally infusing flavor into your water and experiment with these fresh combinations:

Raspberry & Lime
Recipe: 1/4 cup organic raspberries + 2 slices of lime. Slightly mash raspberries with a muddler or wooden spoon. Cover with purified water and chill 12-24 hours.

Lemon & Mint
Recipe: 1-2 stems of mint, leaves attached + 2 slices of lemon. Cover with purified water and chill 12-24 hours TIP: keep mint attached to the stalk, then remove before serving so that you do not have to battle leaves as you sip.

Watermelon & Rosemary
Recipe: 2 1”x 4” pieces of watermelon  + 1 sprig of fresh Rosemary. Cover with purified water and chill 12-24 hours.

Blackberry & Sage
Recipe: 1/4 cup organic blackberries + 2 fresh sage leaves. Slightly mash blackberries with a muddler or wooden spoon. Cover with purified water and chill 12-24 hours.

Bottoms up!