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The FHIT 5 with Pierre

Community • July 8, 2021

See what FHITpro Pierre is loving and living for right now with his FHIT 5 of the moment:

1. Snack/Food: A morning staple of mine (when I have the time) is a 4-stack of Eggo Chocolate Chip Waffles with layer of peanut butter in between each waffle, then drizzled with syrup…perfect for a never-ending bulking phase! Haha.

2. Workout Gear: Gotta have the sleeveless shirt on. When I was first starting out on my “fitness journey” I was so self conscious of my long, skinny arms, and over the years I told myself I would do something about it. Over a decade later, I couldn’t be more proud of myself and the work I put in. 

3. Weekend Activity: Recovery! Or more work in the gym. Depends on how busy the actual week was. If I put in enough work during the week though (enough workouts), I unwind with a good movie at home or video games. 

4. Artist or Song: Masego if I’m in the mood for something calm, and anything faster than 130bpm with some heavy bass if I’m working out. I’m way pickier about how I unwind rather than how I rev up though. 

5. Show You’re Currently Binging/ Book You’re Reading: I’ve been a low key Phoenix Suns Fan since high school back during the mid-2000s, so any chance I get at night to turn on the TV recently, the NBA Playoffs have been on.

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