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The FHIT 5 with CSM

Community • June 3, 2021

See what FHITpro CSM is loving and living for right now with his FHIT 5 of the moment:

1. Snack/Food: My at-home protein shake: one scoop of chocolate protein, strawberries, blueberries, some almond butter, oatmilk, and lots of cinnamon. Delicious.

2. Workout Gear: Short shorts to let the thighs breathe, baby!

3. Weekend Activity: Wearing pants, happy hour and/or dinner, and most recently scooter rides. Beep beep!

4. Artist or Song: Tinashe, but Doja Cat is coming for her spot. 

5. Show You’re Currently Binging/ Book You’re Reading: Just finished Mare of Easttown ???? 

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