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The FHIT 5 With Alex

Community • May 12, 2022

We’re bringing back our FHIT 5 series so you can get to know our FHITpros better. Meet our  most recent feature: FHITpro Alex Clayton. She began as a frequent FHIXer working out as a means to cope with anxiety and quickly found love at first FHIX. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month you can learn more about how fitness helped her overcome her anxiety here. Alex decided to get certified to help others in the way she was helped and joined our FHITfam a FHITpro. Read about her FHITfaves from what shows she’s currently loving, to her favorite athletic wear brands, and more.

1. Snack/Food:  I don’t have a favorite snack BUT I either crave salty chips of any kind, and dips of many variations OR sweets! I am a big dark chocolate, cookies, and ice cream fan. If I had to stick to a genre of food the rest of my life I would definitely choose Thai food.

2. Workout Gear: I find so many things on TikTok I won’t even lie. They have great bargain/ Amazon finds. Some of my favorite athletic wear brands are Nike, lululemon and Alo.

3. Weekend Activity: I love sleep, but I also love a daytime outdoor hang. A couple of cocktails on a Sunday funday are my jam.

4. Artist or Song: I definitely can’t pick one song because what I’m into music wise changes weekly, but my go-to’s are from the early 2000’s for sure!

5. Show You’re Currently Binging/ Book You’re Reading: I am currently binging Super Pumped, and just finished watching Inventing Ana. A couple months ago, I  finished watching ER the whole way through which I’m pretty proud of. (There’s 331 episodes total). I am also reading Trevor Noah’s book “Born a Crime” and it’s definitely a very cool read.

You can learn more about her, view her certifications, and even listen to her playlist here.

Want to take your next FHIX with Alex? Book class with her In Studio.

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