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Meet Our FHITspiration: Jenna

Community • June 18, 2024

Say hello to Jenna, our inspiring FHIXer who has been living FHIT with us since 2015! Jenna is an actor, singer, vocal teacher, and mother who has found motivation, balance, community, and support at Fhitting Room shine through all of her milestones these past 9 years. Jenna turned to Fhitting Room to keep her both mentally and physically in shape during her pregnancy all the way up to her third trimester, and joined us again postpartum to keep swinging! We’re very excited to feature her in our FHITspiration series and share her perspective on how Fhitting Room is inclusive and educational for all.

How long have you been taking classes at Fhitting Room?
I’ve been getting FHIT since October, 2015! Feels like yesterday!  

What motivated and inspired you to stay active and maintain your fitness during your pregnancy?
Three things! 1) I’m a singer, actor, and voice teacher, so I knew that staying fit during my pregnancy would help me keep going through pregnancy (I did my last concert gig at 36-weeks!) and would make getting back on stage on the other side easier (I was back at it 3-months postpartum). Balancing that looming due date with my performing schedule kept me motivated on the mat. 2) More than that, though, I was overwhelmed and anxious about the impending (re: huge) changes that would come with a new baby, so working out helped me maintain my sanity as well as the connection to myself. Yes, my body was changing, and yes my life would too, but no matter what, I could show up at Fhitting Room and feel a sense of familiar normalcy. 3) Finally, I knew that if I could keep prioritizing “me time” in the form of taking class while pregnant, the odds of me continuing to protect that “me time” with a baby would be higher. “Me time” is crucial for everyone, especially moms, and my favorite “me time” happens to involve dabbing my sweaty brow with a green towel. I’m my best self and best mom when I feel good and strong in my body. 

Were there particular workouts or exercises that made working out post-pregnancy successful?
I specifically joined Fhitting Room On Demand for the pre and postnatal content. It’s SO GOOD, and I couldn’t find any other workouts like that online. It’s the only place for kettlebell and dumbbell functional training for preggos that’s still challenging and full of my fav moves. And, honestly, the pelvic floor training should be a requirement not only for pregnant people but singers too (yes, the vocal coach says so!)! Renee has a bunch of great classes that challenged me and made me feel capable while offering modifications that I definitely took in my third trimester and first weeks of working out postpartum. Taking her classes was confidence boosting knowing that she’s a mom and also still hot and strong AF!

What’s kept you coming back through all of your big milestones?
There is truly nowhere else like Fhitting Room. It’s fun, Eric’s playlists are great, I love embracing the opportunity to “find a partner” or “introduce yourself and make a new friend” which can feel so awkward as an adult sometimes. It’s hard – I love trying Dale’s adjustments and I always leave feeling sweaty and proud of myself for surviving the FHIX. The instructors all feel like my friends – they make me laugh, they make me feel taken care of, they encourage me, and they even force me to do stuff I don’t want to do (looking at you, Pierre, and that stupid assault bike). I’ve met some really, really great people over the years getting FHIT and it’s made New York feel even more like home. I love supporting this local female-owned business and will continue to do so however I can!

How do Fhitting Room workouts translate into your daily life? 
They are such a great practice in resiliency. As an actor, your will, determination, and drive are constantly tested. Getting to practice sticking to it, even when the going gets tough, in the form of a battle rope or a wall ball shot, or a seemingly never ending round of burpees, helps remind me that I can overcome any amount of rejection or creative block that gets in my way.  

Any advice to someone interested in trying Fhitting Room?
What are you waiting for?!?! Find me in my usual Spot 7, and let’s do this thing!! 

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