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Groom-To-Be Lost 50 Pounds For His Wedding With Fhitting Room HIIT Workouts

Community, Fitness • September 15, 2019

Sometimes you need an extra push to set you in motion. Jason, our September FHITspiration, started getting his FHIX at Fhitting Room last year in anticipation of his wedding. We chatted with Jason about his incredible transformation, both mentally and physically, and how it all came together through accountability and commitment (and a lot of FHIXes, of course). 

We are incredibly inspired by our community of FHIXers. Read on to learn more about Jason and his journey. Spoiler alert, he just completed his 100th FHIX!

How long have you been FHIXing at Fhitting Room?

I started Fhixing in November of 2018, and just finished my 100th class!

What keeps you coming back?

I love the instructors, I like that every class is different, and I’m really into the fact that you get hands on training every week. I’ve been to a lot of group fitness classes where you have no idea what you’re doing because there’s only one instructor who’s teaching like 3 different things at a time…and I hate that.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness has become a lifestyle over the past year, my day doesn’t feel complete unless I get a workout in. Working out consistently has also pushed me to eat healthier.

How does fitness influence the rest of your life

It’s definitely a physical and mental thing for me. If I work out in the morning, then I’m a lot less stressed and am probably a more pleasant person to be around for the rest of the day.

@jasonikeler with FHITpro Daury

Do you have a favorite FHITpro duo? Or class time?

I always take Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7am. I love Daury and DennysRiley and Simon, and Simon and Eric…so basically every class haha.

How has Fhitting Room helped you crush your fitness goals?

I’ve lost 50lbs since I started at Fhitting Room and since joining I work out 6 days a week. (3 at Fhitting Room and then 3 cardio).

You recently got married. (CONGRATS!) Your “aha” moment came while you were planning a beach wedding. What would you tell that person just at the beginning of this journey?

I would tell him to just keep pushing through. The first couple of weeks sucked, but once I started seeing results it made it a lot easier. I never thought I would get to a point where I enjoyed working out, but now it’s become a favorite part of my week.

Everyone is a beginner at one point. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to take a leap… into anything?

Make a schedule. If I don’t schedule it, I don’t do it. I still register for all of my classes at the beginning of the week so there’s no backing out. Some people also say to start slowly, but I jumped right in and that worked for me.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jason. We’re honored to be a part of it. Below, check out a video from Men’s Health Magazine featuring Jason and FHITpro Daury documenting their FHIXes and FHITness program together.