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FHITspiration: Mother’s Day Edition

Community • May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day this year is a little different; we’re celebrating over Zoom rather than in-person festivities. 

Today (and every day, really), we celebrate the women in our lives who raise, teach and protect us. This Mother’s Day, we’re doing a special shout out to honor our strong Forever FHIT moms who, even during the most challenging times, make time and show up to get their FHIX. 

Get to know these six special women, Arlene, Gail, Lorraine, Edythe, Bonnie and Dianne, and their motherly words of wisdom in this month’s special FHITspiration feature: Mother’s Day Edition.

What do you love most about taking Fhitting Room classes and/or being part of the Fhitting Room community?

Arlene: As a person who has always been interested in physical activity, it became more difficult to play the sports I enjoyed as a younger person. Once I started to raise a family and then later went back to work,  I looked for an outlet to stay healthy and fit. I started at a local fitness center working with a personal trainer and have continued to do so for more than the last two decades.  Living fifty miles outside of NYC, I jumped at the opportunity when I learned that a Forever FHIT class was being offered as a virtual class by Fhitting Room.  I adore how [FHITpro] Simon has gotten to know each of us in the class, and I feel as if I am with him in his space when I take the class.  Simon keeps us engaged for the entire class and allows each of us to work up to our own level of ability incorporating weights if we are comfortable as well as exercises such as planks on the floor. Simon makes adjustments to make certain that each of us in the class is challenged as well as being safe.

Gail: My daughter, Jessica [our February FHITspiration], is a regular at the Fhitting Room. Her enthusiasm prompted me to try a class. The positive and upbeat atmosphere in Simon’s Forever FHIT LIVE class inspires me to keep coming back. I’ve had fun doing exercises I didn’t even know existed!

Lorraine: Trainers knowledge. Simon makes it a fun and enjoyable experience. I look forward to the time for the class.

Edythe: I love Simon. His smile makes exercise a real treat. He is a great motivator. You always work harder when you are being encouraged.

Bonnie: I like that there is a class for 65+. That someone is thinking about this group with the realization that we cannot do the more strenuous exercises of the younger crowd.

Diane: I have loved being a part of the Fhitting Room classes. My daughter and all of the other employees have worked so hard, it is a great opportunity to support their efforts and applaud the vision of this company!

What motivates you to stay strong and FHIT?

Arlene: I have a strong desire for a healthy and long life.  My goal is to feel and look my absolute best in my senior years and to continue to play baseball and basketball with my two grandsons.

Gail: Physical, mental, and emotional health are interconnected. Working out helps me to strengthen my aging muscles, while uplifting my spirit and overall sense of well-being.

Lorraine: Maintaining good health and keeping my body flexible and improving my moves.

Edythe: My grandchildren are my prime motivation to stay strong and fit.  One needs to be forever young to keep up.

Bonnie: The mirror! I have always been active and enjoy exercise. I go for walks daily. Before the pandemic, I was taking water aerobic classes and working out with a trainer.

Diane: I know exercise and movement help promote a more enjoyable life, so I am grateful to Simon for his focus on the older generation in his class for seniors. The parts don’t move as well as they used to, so his expertise and guidance have been much appreciated as I continue to achieve this goal.

Any motherly advice to help our community through this pandemic?

Arlene: As the mother of the founder of Fhitting Room I encourage everyone in their senior years to take a Forever FHIT class to help yourself stay strong and fit during these trying times. We must stay healthy and positive.

Gail: Be mindful, express gratitude, give generously of yourself, and have compassion  for others.  The authentic everyday acts of goodness have exponential healing power. To quote William Blake, “He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars: general Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer….”

Lorraine: Eating healthy; keeping fit; stay socially active and involved with close family and friends. And of course wear the [mask].

Edythe: Keep a positive attitude, do something to support those who are less fortunate, know that we will be together again and stay FHIT.

Bonnie: A mom cannot take care of others adequately, without taking care of herself first. Part of that care is exercise and being part of a community to provide outside connectedness. I think our children are learning about themselves. They are doing creative things. I think it is important to keep children engaged with non-screen time activities. Reading is a treasure. Reading together will create positive memories.

Diane: I think there is a little bit of “mom” in all of us. The strength and compassion of  New Yorkers, healthcare workers and citizens alike, has been very powerful.

To all the moms in our community and beyond, we celebrate your strength, knowledge and guidance today and every day.