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FHITspiration: Melissa + Jen

Community • March 12, 2021

We’re celebrating our fierce Fhitting Room female FHIXers all-month, and this mother-daughter duo has been crushing their LIVE! workouts consistently since March 2020. Meet our current FHITspirations, Melissa and Jen Margulies.

Jen Margulies took her first Fhitting Room class in 2017. At the time, she was living in Manhattan and using ClassPass to find new studios and classes, jumping from boutique class to boutique class. Whenever she saw a Fhitting Room class at a time she could make, she jumped on it as Fhitting Room was quickly becoming her fast favorite studio. As she crushed more and more FHIXes, she found that to get the spots she wanted in Simon’s and Riley’s classes, she needed to drop her ClassPass subscription, securing herself as a permanent FHIXer. “Their classes are totally infectious, even now, through Fhitting Room LIVE!”

In Philly, her mom Melissa was a fan of her small gym close to home where she worked out with a personal trainer in addition to jumping on her stationary bike several times a week. 

When COVID-19 hit, Jen and Melissa retreated to their family home on the Jersey Shore. In quarantine, they were both passionate about keeping up with their fitness routines, which was the perfect opportunity for Jen to introduce Fhitting Room to her mom. Jen received our first email announcing Fhitting Room LIVE! and signed up right away. “It was a little piece of normalcy from NYC that I missed.” 

Before the pandemic, the mother-daughter duo had only worked out together to train for a half marathon and sporadically when on vacation. But turning their den into a dedicated workout space kickstarted months of mother-daughter FHIXes. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday was their time to crush a workout together. They’ve even gotten Melissa’s other daughter, who was quarantined in New Orleans, to jump in on the fun sometimes as well. 

What do they love about Fhitting Room? Jen says: “two instructors to help me get my best sweat in, the small team environment, and my favorite FHITpros.” Melissa swears that she’s never exercised this much in her life, and also never had as much fun working out. “The two-way nature of Fhitting Room LIVE! holds me accountable in a way that other workouts from home do not. That accountability has been huge for me,” said Melissa. She notes that she felt welcomed right off the bat by the FHIThosts and FHITpros. 

What makes a post-FHIX high even better? Achieving it together. “I always feel so accomplished after a workout. But if there are burpees involved, I lie on the floor and I just laugh,” laughs Melissa, “okay, but you’re better at push-ups than me,” replied Jen. The best thing about Fhitting Room LIVE!, for Melissa, has been spending bonus time with her daughter. “If these classes were in-studio, I wouldn’t get this time with you.”

Working out is better together, so get your sweat on with a friend and get free classes for referring them!

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