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FHITpreneurs of sweatconnected: Danelle, Kara, and Wendy

Community • October 6, 2022

We’re so excited to feature FHITpreneurs, Danielle, Kara, and Wendy of sweatconnected. These long-time frequent FHIXers and veteran fitness instructors channeled their love of fitness to create a new cycling experience centered on creating a community. Get to know these lovely ladies, how the idea for the brand came about, and their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Plus, they’ve included an exclusive offer just for you!  

Can you tell us more about sweatconnected and where people can take classes?

sweatconnected is an interval based indoor-cycling studio on the UWS. We also livestream all of our classes so people can ride from home, and we offer a full on demand library of both on and off bike classes. sweatconnected was founded by Wendy Wolfson, Danielle Devine-Baum, and Kara Bocchi Deych. We are veteran fitness instructors and longtime friends who wanted to create a new experience based on community and empowerment.  The three of us met at Flywheel, a popular national cycling studio, where we were all master instructors who also held corporate positions. 

Our UWS studio is located at 76th and Amsterdam inside the Marlene Meyerson JCC on Floor 3M. Our livestream classes can be taken from anywhere. You can check out our website or our instagram @sweat.connected for more info! 

How did the idea for sweatconnected come about?

The three of us dreamed of opening up a studio together for years. When the pandemic hit, we all started teaching virtually to keep our community together. After two years of being livestream only, we decided the time was right to bring it back to in person. We wanted to open specifically on the UWS since we all taught up there for years, and felt strong ties to that part of town. The mission behind sweatconnected is founded in the belief that the power of group fitness is transformative, not only physically but mentally. We believe that group fitness can truly bring people together.

How do you balance building a brand and staying FHIT?

Danielle: Thankfully I get a great sweat when I teach! Outside of teaching both on and off the bike, I figure skate which is so good for my mental health; when I am skating I have to focus strictly on what I am doing in the moment which helps clear my head and makes me a better business co-owner, mother and spouse!

Kara: I am very fortunate to have a great support system with my family and my two amazing partners. My two month old daughter and my two dogs keep me very active and busy! When I am not running around after them you would find me getting my own run in.  I love the many loops of Central Park as the seasons begin to change.

Wendy: Luckily our line of work keeps us both fit and balanced! The mental release I get from teaching and taking classes is what levels me out for the rest of my day. Turning off my brain, falling completely into the music and moving my body is fuel I need to have a clear, balanced head for everything else in my life. 

What first brought you to Fhitting Room?

We were first introduced to Fhitting Room through fellow indoor cycling instructors who were raving about it. We would all take Fhit classes together and it was so much fun for us to be able to switch things up and workout off the bike.

Cycling is a very different workout from Fhitting Room workouts. Why do you like adding Fhitting Room classes to your fitness routine?

Cycling is very different but the three of us believe in moving our bodies in all different ways. We love the energy and cardio rush from cycling but we need to also incorporate strength training which is where Fhitting Room comes in. The two workouts truly go hand in hand for a well rounded fitness experience. 

What advice would you give other aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Danielle: I would say two things. One, if you feel strongly that you have a great idea and the willpower to put in the work, just go for it! Second, make to-do lists and stick to them. The work will never be done, so making sure to prioritize what has to happen today vs tomorrow is crucial for sanity!

Kara: Do your best to surround yourself with people who inspire you, are positive, and make you want to reach higher than you think you can. You have to light your own fire, but having an encouraging environment and a strong team will only push you further to take those scary risks you’ll need to take.

Wendy: Some days will be really challenging and that’s totally normal! Having a solid sounding board filled with people you admire and respect (like my two business partners) can turn those difficult days into incredible learning experiences.

If you want to check out sweatconnected, they’ve provided our FHIT family an exclusive offer. Get your first class free with the code WELCOME and 15% off 5 and 10-packs for UWS in studio classes with the code FHIT15 at checkout.