What to Expect at Fhitting Room

Make Your First Fhitting Room Class A Great One
Sign up for a class that fits your level
We offer a wide variety of classes, from a high-intensity Signature FHIT to the advanced FHIXtreme to a Pre-/Post-natal class. Read our class descriptions to determine which class is right for you.
Set yourself up for success
If you’re taking a class from home, you don’t need a ton of space. It’s ideal to select a bright area and position your phone, tablet, computer, or laptop device so your entire body appears in the frame. This helps your instructor provide one-on-one guidance and corrections throughout the class.
Be on time
Show up early to meet your instructor and let them know you’re new! We recommend hopping online 10 minutes before class begins to chat through your goals and concerns, and get comfortable with your instructor.
Don't sweat the equipment
When taking a Fhitting Room class at home, you have to work with what you’ve got, whether that’s no equipment, a 10-pound kettlebell, or a set of 20-pound dumbbells. Any weight you’ve got on hand will work for our classes (and you can check out our schedule for no-equipment options, too).
Know when to modify
Need to move up or down a level? Our FHITpros are all certified personal trainers who know how to help you safely modify movements. All we ask is that you let us know if you need assistance so we can help you find a FHIT that’s the right challenge for you.
Trust your FHITpros
Back to our instructors: they know their stuff. They aren’t just well-versed in group fitness; we thoroughly vet all of our instructors and require personal training certifications—the better to provide you with individual attention. Our team of FHITpros is made up of the best in the biz, and they’re ready to help you have the safest, most efficient workout for you.
Connect with a feeling
We like to say that FHIT is a feeling. Our regular attendees tell us our classes make them feel safe, confident, empowered, strong, recharged, successful, and happy—just to name a few of the positive vibes we elicit. How you look is an added bonus of exercise, but we pride ourselves on helping clients train for life.
We can’t wait for you to experience your first-time FHIT!
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