Kendall Janicola


Kendall fell in love with fitness at a young age, growing up dancing and playing sports. When she decided to hang up her dancing shoes, she discovered weight training. Kendall's passion for weight training eventually led to her become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She’s now a highly credentialed trainer and a big believer in Jim Rohn’s quote, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life.”

Fun Fact
Kendall's biggest FHITspiration is her dad, who has completed three Ironman races.

NCSF Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Screen Levels 1 + 2, TRX, Pre and Post Natal Trainer, FMS, Kettlebell Athletics Level 1, Certified Functional Strength Coach - Level 1

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Kendall's Playlist

Kendall's favorite song changes depending on the day, but she loves anything with a fast beat. "I think music can make or break a workout, so I take time to think out playlists and what songs I play at certain times of class. It all adds to the FHIXperience!"