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Pre + Postnatal On Demand Workouts

Fitness • May 7, 2021

In honor of all our strong moms (and moms-to-be) this Mother’s Day, we put together a list of our

In honor of all our strong moms (and moms-to-be) this Mother’s Day, we put together a list of our favorite On Demand Pre/Postnatal workouts. From mini workouts to full classes, we can FHIT in your schedule!

It goes without saying that exercise is an important part of life, but there are plenty of people who have remained uninformed up to this point, through no fault of their own. Some may think that working out and exercising regularly while you’re pregnant can be harmful to your baby, but there is very limited truth to that idea.

Provided that you aren’t doing any workouts that are completely out of your comfort zone and shocking your body, odds are that you will be okay to continue doing them, even if only through the beginning of your pregnancy.

As your belly starts to grow, your center of gravity shifts, and you may not be able to balance quite as well as you’re used to, so this is when your limitations will come in. However, you won’t have to stop working out altogether as there are modifications that you can still perform without issue. 

It’s important to remember that working out while pregnant is not about beating your previous personal records, but about staying in shape and keeping your body moving. 

Before you consider any workouts while pregnant, it’s important to speak to a medical professional that is familiar with your medical history and your pregnancy so that they can better guide you when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t do while pregnant.

Benefits of working out while pregnant: 

  • Your body will change throughout your pregnancy. It’s unavoidable, but truly a beautiful concept. If you struggle with the idea that your body will change, working out can give you the boost of confidence that you need in order to appreciate the fact that you’re creating life from scratch and that’s bound to cause some beautiful miraculous changes.
  • There is also a misconception when it comes to how much weight a mom should gain while pregnant. Maintaining an exercise routine can help keep the weight gain in a healthy range and prevent putting on as much unwanted weight.
  • If you try to jump into a workout routine that you’ve never done before after you have a baby, it will be more difficult to stick to it and get into shape than if you were consistently working out during the pregnancy. Continuing to perform the habits that you have already developed will be easier than adding something new to your already hectic schedule with a newborn.
  • The more athletically fit you are, the better prepared your body will be for labor. 
  • Working out can also help check those crazy mood swings as exercise releases those endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These chemicals will also help you cope with any discomfort that comes with pregnancy such as aches and pains. 
  • If your body is strong, the physical effects of pregnancy such as back and shoulder pain won’t be as likely or as severe.
  • Your energy won’t be as low if you remain active throughout pregnancy. Exercise boosts not only energy levels but also stamina. With this boost, daily chores that might otherwise be pushed to the back burner while you take a nap will get the attention they need. 
  • You will also decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes. One study, in particular, suggests that women who regularly exercise at least three times a week reduce the risk of having a macrosomic newborn by 58%!
  • Exercising regularly will even give your immune system the boost that it needs, decreasing your risk of getting sick while pregnant. It can even help make you less prone to suffering from morning sickness. 
  • Although your body will retain more fluid while you’re pregnant, exercising regularly can keep your leg swelling down as it improves blood flow.

Needless to say, the healthier the mom is, the healthier the baby will be. This can be in obvious ways such as preventing sickness, but it can also present itself in the baby having a lower heart rate. Exercise is also a great way that mom can get more quality sleep and even lessen the effects of depression.

If you’re looking to bring in equipment:

No equipment? No problem. 

If you’re short on time (because mom life), get a quick FHIX in with one of these mini workouts under 12 minutes:

Plus, attend any of our regular classes as our instructors are educated to modify as needed. 

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