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How to Do a Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift (the Right Way)

Fitness • December 24, 2018

Time to get technical. Learn how to perform HIIT exercise moves from the pros. This month, we’re featuring a new move to ensure you maintain proper form and technique with your workouts. 

Fhitting Room trainers Rich + Riley show us how to do a Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift (RDL). This exercise helps strengthen the posterior chain, which includes the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles. It can also help improve the mobility and flexibility of the hip joint. Read on to learn how you can perfect this popular move to start reaping its benefits…

In order to achieve perfect RDL form, ensure you have:

  •      Narrow feet
  •      A soft bend to the knee
  •      A flat back
  •     The kettlebell hovering around the ankles 

Make sure to avoid the following to prevent injury when performing this move:

  •      Excessive bend of the knees
  •      Rounded back
  •      Craned neck

Watch how Riley performs the move in real-time. The movement begins at the top. Notice how she keeps her shoulders back, head neutral, and knees slightly bent. The movement should come from the hips. Be sure to squeeze your glutes at the top of the move, and make sure the kettlebell never fully touches the ground.

People often confuse the RDL with a standard kettlebell deadlift. Proper form is what sets these two movements apart, so ensure you’re following our technique to perform a proper Romanian Deadlift. According to Rich + Riley, a standard kettlebell deadlift requires more support from the quads, while the RDL is controlled entirely by the hamstrings and glutes, which helps to reinforce the posterior. So grab a kettlebell and get ready to stretch those hammys.

Want to learn more? You can take class with Riley at Fhitting Room. Book your spot today!

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