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HIT it Hard with Fhitting Room’s FHIXtreme Class

Fitness • April 2, 2016

A few times a week we push our FHIXers to HIT it even harder in our FHIXtreme classes. Similar to our Signature FHIX classes, FHIXtreme delivers a dynamic and demanding program that leaves everyone both wiped out and wanting more. Led by El Capitán, Eric, and Creative Programming Dynamo, Julia, FHIXtreme harvests the same contagious culture and intensity as our Signature FHIXes but with an even stronger focus on progression, skills and overall strength building.

FHIXtreme classes are really fun and special because FHIXtreme is a little FHIT community within our larger FHIT community.” – Julia Avery

Beginning Thursday, April 14th, we’re adding an evening FHIXtreme class at 7:45pm in our FHITpit at our Flatiron location. With this expansion of our FHIXtreme schedule, we sat down with FHITpros Julia and Eric to explain everything you need to know about FHIXtreme.

How do you define FHIXtreme?
Julia: FHIXtreme takes our signature FHIX to the next level. Many people think, FHIXtreme is a really fast-paced class with no demonstrations, but it can be quite the opposite. While we do expect everyone who comes to FHIXtreme to have a solid foundation of our signature moves – kettlebell swings, thrusters, dumbbell snatches, rowing, box jumps, burpees, etc. – we then build off these movements to teach new skills, which we progress as time goes on. This may include kettlebell skills such as Turkish get-ups, cleans, snatches and windmills, as well as “gymnastics” skills like handstands, pull-ups and toes to bar. FHIXtreme also amps up the level of accountability. Everything we do is trackable, whether it’s the weights FHIXtremers are lifting or the time in which they’ve completed a workout. We write scores on the whiteboard, which gives everyone an extra incentive to go hard, as well as to see how much they’re improving. However, FHIXtremers don’t have to be the most competitive, the strongest or best at any of the moves, but they do have to come with a solid foundation and a willingness to work hard.

How is FHIXtreme programming different from programming in a Signature FHIX?

Julia: We often base FHIXtreme programs off workouts Eric and I do ourselves, so we not only know what it’s like but also know how to coach and goal set for our FHIXtremers. Eric and I make sure to incorporate a lot of skill work, and we make FHIXtremers track their results. For example, if we are doing an AMRAP-style workout (as many rounds as possible), we will ask them to keep track of how many rounds they achieved to keep them accountable. We also do a lot of partner and team-based workouts, both to foster community and also to push intensity. When working with a partner, people tend to push harder because they don’t want to let the other person down!

Eric: The programs include more advanced tiers to give our FHIXtremers a line of progression of work to achieve. For example, kettlebell work such as swings or single arm swings are commonly integrated in our Signature FHIX programming, but in FHIXtreme, we change that swing to a kettlebell clean. FHIXtreme also integrates the more challenging skills like toes-to-bar, pull-ups, pistols without jungle gym straps, handstands and assault bikes. We also sometimes program circuits that have longer FHIXes or multiple short ones. We like to make our workouts quantifiable so when we finish a workout we can write times on the board and each week FHIXtremers can track their progress.

Julia: FHIXtreme programming is designed with the knowledge that intensity is key. Clients who take FHIXtreme get this. They know how to push themselves to their threshold regardless of what we throw at them. For this reason, there is never an “easy” workout, no matter how short or how long.

Eric: Instead of predominantly cardio-based circuits, be prepared to move weight and move it fast. It’s all about intensity.

Why do you enjoy coaching FHIXtreme?
Eric: I love to see our clients take their fitness to the next level, whether that means attaining a new skill or getting stronger over time. I love how FHIXtreme has an infectious camaraderie no matter who is in the class. Whether you are a FHIXtreme rookie or a veteran, you can always count on the FHIXtreme community to keep each other upbeat through the toughest programs.

Julia: FHIXtreme athletes are very coachable. They want to learn. They want to understand the workout and why they are doing it. They want to get stronger and faster and they care about performance. The energy in class is infectious as they cheer each other on until the last person finishes the workout.

Any advice for FHIXers thinking about trying FHIXtreme for the first time?
Eric + Julia: It is very important to master the basic fundamental exercises you see in our Signature FHIX classes. That means being proficient with more technical kettlebell movements, performing them with solid form and not requiring modifications. We highly recommend taking multiple Signature FHIX classes to get well versed and comfortable with our fundamental movements. Once you feel you have mastered these, the possibilities are endless.

Still not sure if you are ready to take your FHIX to the next level? Take a Signature FHIX class taught by our FHIXtreme instructors and ask them what they think.