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Here’s How You Should Be Doing Burpees

Fitness • December 19, 2018

Each month, we’re featuring a different movement that you’ll often see (and do!) in one of our HIIT classes here at Fhitting Room. Learn from the pros and Master Our Movements, as our certified trainers break down some of our most popular exercises step-by-step. This month, we’re featuring burpees.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with burpees. You want in on a little secret? They’re hard because they work. Burpees are an explosive full-body movement that works most of your muscles to improve agility, speed, strength, and power. They’re basically the Superman of HIIT movements.

Making sure you have perfect form will ensure your bod is getting the most from your burpees. Lucky for you, Fhitting Room trainers Ben and Francis helped us create this step-by-step guide to help you achieve perfect form.  

Here, Francis demonstrates how you should look at the bottom of every burpee. When training, one of the most common mistakes Ben and Francis see are people who don’t bring their full body down to the mat. It’s important to bring your chest all the way down at the bottom of the move in order to get the most out of your burpee! At the top of the movement, make sure to get a big jump in, and keep your feet wide throughout.

In this step, Francis shows how not to look next time you’re heading down to burpee town. Often, we have the urge to drop just our hips instead of letting our chest fall down with them. This is a serious no-no that could lead to a lower back injury. Make sure to always keep your body parallel to the floor at the bottom of the move.

Notice how Francis performs these picture-perfect burpees in real time. He drops his chest down at the bottom of the movement, and explodes through the top as he jumps, getting great air time at the top of the move. He keeps his feet wide throughout the movement for stability.

This is how your form should look throughout each and every set of burpees. It may take a bit of practice to perfect, but once you get a handle on your form, these full-body movements can be worked into any routine. The best part? There’s no equipment necessary for this bodyweight move!

Learn more from Ben + Francis. Catch them every Tuesday at Fhitting Room’s Flatiron studio. Book a class to see their burpees in action, and try them out for yourself!