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Four Reasons to Train Abs… According to a FHITpro

Fitness • October 5, 2020

Haven’t taken an Abs Focus Signature FHIX class yet on Fhitting Room LIVE! yet? FHITpro Pierre breaks down why core work is important, how Fhitting Room trains abs, and what to expect from his Abs Focus classes. Plus, he reveals the real reason is to strengthen your core; you may be surprised! 

#1 Why is Core Important?

So, like many of us on our fitness journey, we all know, “Abs are super important” but no one has really told us why or how? Other than being nice to look at, what else is our core providing us? And if we have a weak core, what else is it not doing for us?

Starting off with the basics, the first thing to know is that your abdominal muscles paired with your back muscles make up your core. And the role of your core is to ensure that the trunk or torso of the body is well protected and indeed has full range of motion to complete tasks throughout the day.

The issue is just because both of these muscle groups are supposed to work together does not mean they always play fair. Unfortunately, through improper movement patterns, injuries, lack of body awareness, or improper training programs, one group tends to get a little stronger than the other. Back pain, predominantly after sitting or sleeping, is usually the first sign that we may have a slight imbalance going on with our core. Typical Americans will just go to a Chiropractor when their back acts up but all that particular doctor is doing is stretching and cracking you back into place. This treatment does nothing for the imbalance of the body, meaning…You’ll end up back at the chiropractor within a couple months if not weeks! The only way to help chronic lower back pain, is by strengthening your abdominals in the front of the torso, and finally bringing balance back to your body! 

#2 How Is Core at Fhitting Room Done RIGHT?

We do our research! We know that strengthening the core is a whole lot more than just doing crunches and sit ups until you can’t breathe. We know that your abdominals are made up of more than just your main “6-pack.” When it comes to creating an abdominal workout, we keep in mind your Rectus and Transverse Abdominis (the abs you know and love), the Internal and External Obliques (looking to lose those stubborn love handles/want to add that V-Line to your abs?), and the Seratus Anteriors (top of the Oblique). You are promised a well-rounded abdominal workout that you’ll feel throughout the entire torso and not just your stomach!

Remember, when working on your abdominals, specifically your lower abdominals, there’s a nuance to these things. There are a million ab exercises out there, and finding the correct level to start off at is an important first step! If you try a skill that is beyond your lower abdominal capabilities, there is a high chance you will stress the already tight muscles in the lower back, which may seem like a set back! Many take this as a hill they will never figure out how to climb, and they allow the lower abs to suffer and the lower back remains in pain. However, a quick chat with your favorite FHITpro is a great way to get tips on how to work your core and allow you to stay on track with your goals. 

#3 What Kind of Abs Classes is Fhitting Room Offering As of Now?

We have two different Abs Focus class formats on Fhitting Room LIVE!, our virtual class platform. One is a 35 minute Bodyweight Core Class, Signature FHIX Abs Focus. The class follows Fhitting Room’s Signature FHIX format (Warm Up, Strength/PreFHIX, Circuit, FHIX) but all the movements engage your abs! We work through different Crunch Style and Plank Style abs exercises, review the basics and complete Circuit Challenges that will keep you sore for days! 

Another class format is a weighted Abs Focus Signature FHIX class with your choice of 1 Dumbbell or 1 Kettlebell. This class runs for 45 minutes instead of the 35 minute bodyweight format. In this class we use our bell for a thorough “Anti-Rotation” Strength section. Moving slowly, understanding how to use the core (remember that’s the abdominals and back) as one. Using anti-rotation concepts and balance schemes adds a new dimension to using your core that is more of a neuromuscular challenge as opposed to traditional “accelerating heart rate” schemes. 

Both classes are perfect for beginners. Depending on what piques your interest, either will help you achieve your abs goals!

#4 BUT SERIOUSLY… What’s that real reason I should strengthen my Core?

Hey now, if we got to the bottom of this post and nothing has spoken to you yet on why you need to work your core, here’s one more reason: TO DANCE!!!! You want to become a better dancer? Well trust me your abs and lower back tie directly into your hips, and who doesn’t like to shake their hips about on a Friday or Saturday night? The stronger your core is, the more control you’ll have with those hips, and the better you’ll be able to wow your friends/family/spouses. Just take it from me, the one who never stops dancing!!

Signature FHIX LIVE! ABS Focus with Pierre.
Mon + Wed at 8:30am (Bodyweight) and Thursdays at 8am (1 Dumbbell or 1 Kettlebell).

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