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At-Home Workout Hacks

Fitness • April 1, 2021

From small spaces, to noise sensitive neighbors, we have the perfect hacks for at-home workouts while city-living.

Put Your Small Space to Work

Limited space is no excuse for skipping workouts. We’ve seen it all from hallways to kitchens to narrow bedside walkways. No matter where you are, you don’t need much space to get a great sweat!  All you need is a yoga mat sized space to get moving. Our trainers can even modify movements to be compact if needed.

A kettlebell is one of the most space efficient pieces of workout equipment to own. Not only are kettlebells compact and easy to tuck away, they provide a full-body workout filled with both cardio and strength benefits. Our faves are Kettlebell Kings and Perform Better bells. Alternatively, you can get creative with common household items as a weight. This article provides options based on what weight you are looking to work with.

No equipment? No problem! 

Your body is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Bodyweight workouts and exercises can be modified to challenge any fitness level. Whether you lack space for weights, or just haven’t committed to bells under your bed, just show up and know that you’re still going to get a super effective workout.

Minimize Noise (and neighbor complaints)

If you struggle with noise-sensitive neighbors, have no fear. Connect Bluetooth headphones so you can blast your workout class or music as much as your heart desires. These were rated the best headphone options in 2021.

Neighbors getting sick of you jumping? Same. Modifications for the win! If you’re feeling restricted for this reason, we’ve got you!  There are many modifications you can make while still getting an efficient and intense workout. Remember modifications don’t always mean easier. Ask our trainers during any class and they’ll provide you with a low-impact exercise option. Take your jumping lunges to reverse lunges (add some weight if you’d like to go one step further). Join our Forever FHIT classes, which is a low-impact version of our Signature at-home workout class. Keep up the intensity, not the volume. 

Invest in a noise-reducing exercise mat like one of these on Amazon to create a buffer between your floor and your neighbor’s ceiling. 

If you’re looking for HIIT and Strength workouts to do at home, personal attention from a trainer and a fitness community to hold you accountable, let’s go!

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