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4 Reasons to Add Battle Ropes to Your Workout Routine

Fitness • January 14, 2016

The Fhitting Room programming is always integrating new dynamic movements to give your body the variety it needs to ignite change. Nothing seems to burn so good and tone and tighten quite like battle ropes (they relieve some serious stress too!).You’ll usually find them anchored to our steel kettlebell wall, and while they may vary in length and weight, all battle ropes serve the same purpose: providing a killer workout.

Battle ropes are heavy resistance bearing tools that provide a major challenge for your muscles. Whether you are slamming, waving, or alternating arms, you are never targeting just one spot; every movement is a guaranteed full-body strengthening exercise. Battle ropes work your abs, arms, and shoulders all while engaging your legs, allowing you to torch approximately 10 calories per minute—more than both burpees and squats!.

As you see more and more battle rope exercises in our day-to-day programming we thought it FHITting to share some of the benefits of these badass ropes:

Low impact
Battle ropes don’t strain your body like other high-impact exercises might. There is minimal stress placed on the joints when using battle ropes, sending all the force to the muscular system. Perfect for getting those sculpted arms you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Unilateral dominance/imbalance
When you train with battle ropes you may notice one side of your body moves differently than the other. The more you train with battle ropes the more coordinated and balanced your body will become.

It’s functional fitness
Battle rope exercises require effort from the entire body, provoking power from your core that extends force to both your arms and legs. As a result, you will develop muscular and cardiovascular endurance, all while burning fat in the process.

It’s fun!
Whip it. Shake it. Slam it. With battle ropes, you get to release any stress and frustration, burn those muscles and feel like a badass all in one.