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10 Not-to-Be-Missed Fhitting Room on Demand Workouts

Fitness • September 14, 2020

With hundreds of videos from our certified trainers, Fhitting Room On Demand is your digital go-to for fitness anytime, anywhere. HITpro, Mel shares 10 workouts from On Demand that utilize your own bodyweight, weights if you have them, and just a little bit of space. Discover the best in online HIIT and Strength workouts below.

STRENGTH WITH SIMON – Core Dumbbell (9:30)

This is an AWESOME and CREATIVE core workout. Not a single crunch or sit-up, but your abs (and shoulders) will be on FIYAH! Simon coaches you through a hollow hold progression that left me drip-drip-drippin’ in sweat. 

STRENGTH WITH RICH – Total Body Kettlebell (9:22)

Rich always seems to say the right things during a workout. He gives little cues that totally change the movement to make them 10x more challenging and effective. In this workout, he emphasizes keeping the glutes tight during a plank-up, a movement that most people tend to only focus on their arms, and it is a GAMECHANGER! He teaches this whole workout with that classic Richy swag.

FHIX (Finisher) WITH KENDALL – Total Body Kettlebell (9:24)

OMG – this 8-minute EMOM really got me! It seems somewhat innocent when she demos it, but after just the first minute you know you’re in for it. I love (love love love!) tough EMOMs because you are so motivated to move quickly so you can rest. 

FULL CLASS WITH BEN + RILEY – Total Body Kettlebell (33:34)

Ben and Riley are so fun together, I was literally laughing during this workout. “SEVEN TO NINE?!” Agh – I know that quote makes no sense in this blog, but I promise if you do the workout you will notice this line and laugh. Ben and Riley are both so incredible at giving form cues and I love how Riley says why an exercise is worthwhile. 

INTERVALS WITH ERIC + MEL – Total Body Kettlebell (4:57)

Am I allowed to put myself on this list? When I first started teaching at Fhitting Room, the first class I taught was on Friday mornings with Eric. We are a good team! We have a lot of fun when we teach together and I think that comes across in this workout. Also, the workout is a Tabata which is one of my favorite formats. Only twenty seconds of work at a time, but still a killer?! Sign me up. 

FHIX (Finisher) WITH FAROUK + BLD – Total Body Kettlebell (7:36)

Another EMOM! I can’t help myself! These two guys are fun to watch. If you’re anything like me, you might get a little frustrated during this workout because they alternate doing the work each minute while we at home have to do it all on our own, but you forgive them because they are so encouraging both to each other and to the audience. I also get a kick out of watching Farouk do tuck-ups. Whenever we teach together he makes me demo them because they give him a cramp. If you look closely you can see Farouk stretch out his abs after each minute because 6 tuck-ups is a little too much for him – haha! – it’s just hilarious because he is so strong and FHIT, but *tuck-ups*, of ALL things, ruin him. 

STRENGTH WITH ERIC – Upper Body Kettlebell (11:07)

I love this workout because it is not at all what I was expecting when I chose “upper body strength.” Bottoms-up work is always challenging, but Eric gets you through it with a big smile on his face. 

STRENGTH WITH DAURY – Upper Body Dumbbell (8:16)

No way was I leaving Drossfit off this list. On the flip side of the last workout I mentioned, I love this workout because it’s *exactly* what I expected. Daury delivers a classic PUMP, along with classic Daury quotes that make you work harder with each set. 

FHIX (Finisher) WITH TARA – Total Body No Equipment (5:55)

I love this FHIX! It’s simple – and simple rarely means easy. Your legs get super toasty from the jump squats, then your core gets a hit with sit-ups, then your shoulders get a hit with shoulder-taps. It’s really a tough, high-rep workout, and it’s just bodyweight. Tara coaches it with flawless form and her too-beautiful smile. I always love taking class from T – she helps me chill out, but also gives the energy you need to push through a spicy workout. 

STRENGTH WITH DENNYS – Lower Body Dumbbell (13:50)

Dennys throws in one of my FAVORITE movements in this workout – the transverse lunge. This is a really good lower body workout, even if you don’t have a dumbbell and do the whole thing with just bodyweight. He really hits the legs from every angle, I can almost guarantee your inner thighs will be sore after this one. 

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