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The FHIT 5 with Kari + Arlene

Community • May 7, 2021

For this month’s special Mother’s Day FHIT 5, we’re featuring our very own Founder Kari Saitowitz and her mom, Arlene! Arlene is a frequent FHIXer herself, taking Simon’s weekly ForeverFHIT class (she rocked her 40th last week!) and training privately with Daury. We had to kick off this FHIT 5 with some special Mother’s Day themed fun facts:

Favorite Mother/Daughter Pastime or Memory:
Kari: As adults, girls’ weekends away: margaritas, massages and blackjack. As a child, having my mom be the mom that other kids trusted, the one who would do late night pick-ups, and taking turns reading pages in my history books. I was a straight A student who did not love to read, so my mom would read every other page out loud to help me get through my assignments.
Arlene: Girls’ weekends away together (at the casino ????)!

Tradition You’re Passing/Passed Down to Your Kids: 
Kari: Hopefully all of the above, plus making homemade latkes on Chanukah.
Arlene: Making homemade potato latkes on Hanukkah.

Favorite Physical Activity That You’ve Done Together:
Kari: Taking my sons to my old high school + elementary school baseball fields to play ball.
Arlene: Playing tennis, skiing, and I did learn golf because of *someone’s* momentary interest in playing.

Best Piece of Motherly Advice:
Kari: Work hard and be a good person. Also, everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you handle them that matters. 
Arlene: Play hard and study hard! And to just be honest with me.

And now see what Kari and Arlene are loving and living for right now with their FHIT 5 of the moment: 

1. Snack/Food: 
Toss up between pizza + ice cream. Ideally pizza followed by ice cream. Best discovery of quarantine was Talia di Napoli. The pizzas get delivered frozen and take no time to bake. They even have a gluten free pizza that’s ????(I have a son with Celiac Disease).
Arlene: A good piece of chocolate, or any chocolate for that matter, a slice of pizza, or a lobster.

2. Workout Gear: 
 Nike Free Metcon 4 training shoes, Lululemon Train Time Pants 25″, Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line, and whatever the latest Fhitting Room tank is of course! I tend to gravitate torward the playful sayings. Strongher is my favorite right now. 
Arlene: My Drossfit shirt and a pair of Nikes.

3. Weekend Activity:
Kari: Watching my sons play baseball. 
Arlene: Spending time with my grandsons and watching them play ball in the spring and fall.

4. Artist or Song: 
 In the moment? Dua Lipa. Old school? Violent Femmes, The Doors, ACDC.
Arlene: The Beatles, Beach Boys, Supremes and most other 60’s music. Favorite song has always been Help Me Rhonda, but don’t ask me why! 

5. Show You’re Currently Binging/ Book You’re Reading: 
Kari: Untamed by Glennon Doyle.
Arlene: This Is UsThe Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

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