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Pierre’s 5 Year Anniversary!

Community • May 14, 2024

We’re so thrilled to celebrate 5 years of living FHIT with our FHITpro, Pierre! We noticed Pierre way back when he was a trainer at New York Sports Club posting kettlebell workouts. A well-educated trainer posting kettlebell content certainly caught our eye and we knew he was our guy! From the moment Pierre joined our FHITfam, he has been serving up FHIXes full of great tunes and personal growth. Now Pierre leads one of our weekly FHIXtreme classes at Chelsea, where we use scores and weights recorded on studio whiteboards so clients can benchmark progress over time. To celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re sharing some of Pierre’s Fhitting Room journey.

1. How did you get started on your fitness journey?
I was always an athlete growing up. I mainly played soccer and ran track, but I always loved playing football and basketball as well. I played soccer all four years in high school and basketball for one year but ended up running track & field at Binghamton University as a 400m/800m Runner. My personal bests were 48.34 in the 400m and 1:51.95 in the 800m.

2. Why were you interested in Fhitting Room?  What do you love most about working at Fhitting Room?
Still to this day it’s all about those that show up In Studio. I ask a lot from my classes at this point. Every FHIXer that shows up ready for a challenge and ready to add energy to this room and this community makes me so excited and so ready to teach. 

3. Do you have a favorite Fhitting Room memory? 
Any class where we had our dual instructor model!

4.  Why would you say Fhitting Room workouts are so effective?
They are programmed and curated by the city’s best trainers, obviously!

5. What’s your favorite movement you would find in a Fhitting Room class?
A nice, heavy Double Dumbbell Devil Press, without the burpee.

6. Best piece of fitness advice?
As cliché as it might be, “fall in the love with the journey, not the destination.” Find what kinds of movement excite you and your body, and fall in love with learning everything about that process. Focusing on the work will distract you from the amount of patience any goal is going to take.

Want to celebrate with Pierre? What better way than signing up for a FHIX with him!