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Meet Our New FHITpro: Taylor

Community • August 22, 2021

Taylor grew up dancing and acting. After graduating and moving to NYC to perform professionally, she turned to fitness to maintain an active lifestyle which turned her athletic passions into wanting to pursue a fitness career. Taylor’s goal is to empower people to train with a purpose, by digging deep and pushing themselves to their fullest potential.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a photographer and was recently published in Vogue Italia!

Favorite food of all time?

Sushi! Shrimp tempura, salmon, and scallop rolls with a side of miso soup.

Favorite music to work out to?

A mix of alternative R&B remixes for a steady rhythm especially for cardio and hip hop/rap for strength training.

Favorite kettlebell move?

A halo!

Best piece of advice?

To let go of anxious thoughts and trust the unfolding of life.

What go-to item do you always carry in your workout bag?

Gloves! I need a good grip on my dumbbells and kettlebells!

Why do you love Fhitting Room?

I love Fhitting Room because of the community. I feel seen each and every time I walk into this place and I do a workout and that’s exactly what I want for my clients.

What can people expect in your classes? High-energy and motivation. I will push and challenge you each and every single class. Be ready!

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