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Meet Our New FHITpro: Dale

Community • August 19, 2021

Dale hails from the other side of the pond in England, UK. His passion for fitness stems from his extensive background in dance and aerial training. Dale is a Certified Personal Trainer with years of group fitness experience. His goal is to ensure everybody feels more empowered in mind, body, and spirit. Dale’s class will encourage, challenge, and provide the tools to find your own personal success and confidence.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

When I was a kid I was a world record holder for the most people dancing simultaneously.  I was about 11 years old and we were doing the Time Warp in sync for who knows how long.

Favorite food of all time?

Honestly I will eat anything, but I am obsessed with ice cream! 

Favorite music to workout to?

Anything that is upbeat and high energy and will keep me moving. It can be any genre, I’m into it as long as that energy is up!

Favorite kettlebell move?

It’s probably between two. The snatch makes me feel so cool when I do it, and it’s a great technical movement. Second would have to be the cluster. I can’t compare the two but I love doing a cluster. It has everything in there: a clean, a squat, and an overhead press.

Best piece of advice?

Never compare yourself to others.

What go-to item do you always carry in your workout bag?

My go-to item is ALWAYS deodorant. Need to stay fresh, especially post class. My current fave for summer is Old Spice – Fiji with Palm Tree! (It smells like a tropical vacation.)

Why do you love Fhitting Room?

I love Fhitting Room because of the people and the community. As soon as you walk through that door you are immediately immersed by people who love, support, and encourage you. It’s a feeling like no other from the FHITpros to the FHIXers everyone is shining their light. The energy and joy is unparalleled.

How did you get started at Fhitting Room?

My journey here started as a client first. I was taking classes, loved the workout, loved the use of kettlebells, and loved the people. I thought to myself, I need to work here and need to be a part of this more than just taking class and immerse myself in this daily. I got a job here at the front desk and now I made my way to FHITpro!

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