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Meet Fhitting Room’s Founding 4

Community • March 8, 2023

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, it was only f(h)itting to feature our Founding 4 team members along with tons of other fun celebratory content. These strong humans have been all in from day 1. Hear about how they got involved with Fhitting Room, their favorite FHIT memories, how their journeys here have evolved, and more.

Meet Our Founder, Kari

First off we’re featuring our incredible female founder, Kari, just in time for Women’s History Month! Kari talks about what led her to her great “gym idea,” her best advice, favorite FHIT memories over the years (spoiler alert: there’s a lot of good ones over the last 10 years), plus the future of Fhitting Room, and more.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Meet Our Founding Head Trainer, Eric

Eric, aka El Capitán, has been our Head Trainer since day 1. He has been leading our FHITpros since the start of Fhitting Room, bringing his one-of-a-kind energy and his passion and knowledge for fitness. With our exciting expansion plans, Eric will continue to lead our team of FHITpros through new certs, amazing workouts and of course, our special events. Eric is sharing how he became part of Fhitting Room, his favorite FHIT memories which will tug on your heart strings, and so much more! 

Want to experience his one-of-a-kind energy in person? Take class with Eric and see for yourself!

Meet Our Founding Trainer, Ben

If you’ve taken class at Fhitting Room there’s a chance you probably know our Founding FHITpro, @benjaminwegmanfitness. Ben is sharing how he unexpectedly discovered Fhitting Room, his favorite FHIT memories, his exciting new role which will allow him to his passion for helping people learn to the next level, and a special message to our FHIT family.

You can still get your FHIX with Ben on Wednesdays.

Meet Our Final Founding 4 Member + New President, Liz

Liz knew she wanted to be part of Fhitting Room from the start and she has worn countless hats at Fhitting Room starting even before we opened our first studio door. Liz is sharing why she loves being part of the team, her fave FHIT milestones, and her journey which has led her to her new role as Fhitting Room’s President! 

We are so thankful for our Founding 4 team members who have poured their hearts (and muscles) into building Fhitting Room and bringing together the amazing community we have today. Now we’re ready to make our Upper East Side comeback and paint the world green as we expand across state lines into DC + Philly with many more locations to come!