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FHITspiration: Christine Yi

Community • January 29, 2020

Left to right: FHIXer Sam, FHITpro Farouk, FHITspiration Christine, FHITpro Carlos

In March 2003, I was in a terrible subway accident. I lost my balance on the train platform and fell between cars while the train was stopped at the station. When the train began to move, it crushed my right leg. It was a horrible accident. Luckily, I don’t remember much of it, but when I look back on it, I feel blessed to be alive. I could have died on those train tracks; I’m only alive because a passenger on the train reacted and pulled the emergency brake.

The hospital had to amputate my leg as soon as I arrived at the emergency room. I spent one week in the ICU. 

I was hospitalized for a total of five weeks, during which I had over 20 surgeries and nine blood transfusions. The first time I tried to stand up, I fainted immediately.

The weeks in the hospital were incredibly painful, physically, but I was never alone. I was always surrounded by family & friends, who were such a huge help in keeping my spirits positive. I had never truly understood the power of a support system until then.

Re-learning the simple task of walking proved to be a huge challenge. Every step I took was excruciatingly painful and exhausting; I was so weak, I couldn’t walk a single city block without a struggle. The first time I stepped onto a treadmill to work on my gait and physical health, I was sweat-drenched and winded after only five minutes.

But I was determined, and I would go to the gym every day to practice walking. I would watch others as they walked and try to mimic their gaits while watching my own form in a mirror.

I strength-trained specific muscles that were vital in supporting my prosthetic leg. The pain was so severe that I often would have involuntary tears streaming down my face. But I was determined. It took years, but my hard work paid off… now when people meet me, they are completely unaware that I have a prosthetic leg!

I upgraded to a “high-activity” prosthetic leg in January 2019. It’s very lightweight compared to my other prosthetic legs (or even my real leg LOL) because it’s just componentry with no covers or “skin.” I thought I would be self-conscious wearing it, but instead, I’m proud to show how strong I am with a prosthetic leg!

I’m fitter than I have ever been in my life, even pre-accident, and it’s incredible to have the support team of [FHITpros] Carlos & Farouk pushing me to live my best life ever!

Christine’s Personal Fhitting Room Journey: 

How long have you been FHIXing at Fhitting Room?
April 13, 2018 (!!) was my first class with Carlos & Farouk, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

What keeps you coming back?
At first, I kept coming back because I loved how sore I was after each class (I’m a glutton for punishment LOL), but now it’s because I see improvements in myself and my strength, and as I’ve gotten to know Farouk & Carlos, they keep pushing me a little bit harder, and I really appreciate that!

How has Fhitting Room helped you crush your fitness goals?
Fhitting Room’s emphasis on form has improved my strength in every way. I may be shooting serious side-eyes at Farouk & Carlos the entire time, but I’m deadlifting, squatting, and swinging heavier weights than I ever have before. I’m able to accomplish moves I never thought I could even do with a prosthetic leg, and I’m doing them well!

Do you have a favorite FHITpro duo?
CARLOS & FAROUK! They are the greatest, incredibly supportive, and the best cheer squad.

Tell us about a recent milestone (FHIX or personal). What would you tell that person at the beginning of their journey?
I recently hit 250K followers on Instagram. What started as a hobby and for fun has become my entire life – my career – and I get to reach so many people. I would tell anyone beginning any journey to be patient, be your true self and believe in yourself. There’s something out there for everyone!

Everyone is a beginner at one point. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to take a leap?
Surround yourself with a supportive crew. Whether it’s friends to help you along the way or just give you a word of encouragement, don’t allow room for negativity!

Christine has become a FHIXture in Fhitting Room classes and enjoys the challenge each FHIX brings. We are in awe of Christine’s strength and commitment. It’s FHIXer stories like this that make our community so special. Thank you for being a part of our FHITfam, Christine. We’re honored to know you and share your story. 

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