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FHITspiration: Alisa

Community • May 8, 2021

“Strong as a mother” is a FHITting way to describe our current FHITspiration, Alisa. On top of her impressive career as a woman in finance, she balances marriage and motherhood while staying FHIT. Not only does she see and feel the physical benefits of fitness, but she values the long list of mental health benefits that come with HIT workouts. For her, Fhitting Room classes are therapy for the body and the mind. 

Tell us about your first FHIX!
My first class was in February of 2016. It was my dear friend Jenna Wolfe’s birthday and when I asked how she wanted to celebrate, she said she wanted me to come to a Fhitting Room class with her. I was a nervous wreck because I had had a baby about six months earlier and was still getting back in shape AND Jenna is a fitness machine. Daury and Dara were the instructors, and even Kari was in class. It was a total blast and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What was your relationship with fitness before you began taking Fhitting Room classes?
I’ve always been athletic. I was a competitive swimmer and rower and an avid runner, but had never done high intensity and weight training. I had no idea how unparalled the energy and intensity of the workouts would be.

Tell us about the mental health benefits that you experience from working out.
Daury always jokes about class being a therapy session, but it’s really no joke. For those 50 minutes, you can’t let your mind wander. The flood of feelings and endorphins is impossible to replicate. The difference in my days after exercising is so enhanced; the way I feel about myself, the way I sleep, everything. In NYC, it’s easy to get mentally stuck, or to find yourself in a place of gloom. There are lots of ways to get help, but I think that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to try and commit to something. The psychological benefits from a great sweat session goes a really long way. Those endorphins can really bring you out of a funk, at least in the moment, can elevate your mood, and just really make you feel great about yourself. 

Have you introduced friends or family to Fhitting Room?
Tons. I’m from the West Coast and on Saturdays I often do BLD’s class with one friend who’s on the West Coast and one friend in Chicago. I introduced my sister to Fhitting Room who’s in LA so she does it several times a week. My work colleague takes classes all the time at UWS. I introduced my old boss. My 74-year old mom takes Simon’s Forever FHIT class!

How have you benefited specifically from Fhitting Room LIVE!?
What’s been so great about LIVE! is that I’ve been on several trips with friends over the last year celebrating milestones and we always do classes on the trip. We did one in Arizona and now my friends take classes at home as well. It’s just so easy. For my birthday this year I did a LIVE! class and had all my friends join. 

How, as a mom to 2 girls, do you emphasize the importance of health and wellness?
My daughters have literally waited outside the studio for me as I’ve taken class. They know that it’s important for me to work out and that it makes me feel really good about myself. At home when I take Fhitting Room LIVE! classes, the girls have been known to pop their heads in on Zoom and ask “are you working out?” But what’s equally important, and they know this, is for them to know that it’s okay to have a rest day, and that listening to their bodies is part of taking care of themselves; which is their job, and nobody else’s.

What would you tell someone who is nervous to sign up for a class?
I’ve never once not felt better after a class than I did before it. You will never regret going once you’re finished.  And nobody cares how fit you are or are not. Just do your thing and your body, mind and soul will feel incredible after class! You just have to be willing to work hard and have fun.

What are your favorite moves in class?
Romanian deadlift and hand to hand kettlebell swings. And not that you asked but a thruster is my least favorite!

From physical strength to mental strength and to raising strong girls, Alisa is FHITspiration at its finest: fierce, female, and FHIT.

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