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FHITpreneur: Elia of Feed Your Sister

Community • July 16, 2021

Frequent FHIXer Elia Wolberger channeled her love of cooking into starting her own business as a personal chef, recipe developer, and food blogger. Just scrolling through her Instagram feed will leave your mouth watering. Read all about her journey feeding busy New Yorkers, advice for other small business owners, and what keeps her coming back to Fhitting Room.

How long have you been taking classes at Fhitting Room + what keeps you coming back?

I have been taking Fhitting Room classes weekly since September 2019, I think! I used to take Wednesday mornings with Daury and BLD and then when COVID hit I began to take it more than once a week and found that I love all the instructors. I keep coming back because I love the workout, the music, the feeling of family. Plus, everyone is so welcoming and friendly!

What inspired you to start your own business + blog? Tell us about the journey and what inspired your PLAN PREP PLATE program. 

I began meal prepping for clients in 2017. It started with a father contacting me to help keep his family fed while he spent more time with his wife, who was sick at the time, and his son. From there I was recommended to many other families via a plethora of Facebook groups and also got clients within my own network of friends and family. I have on average about 3-4 clients a week now!  I believe meal prep is the new fast food and am eager to help those who want to do it on their own be successful. I haven’t officially launched PLAN PREP PLATE, but it is a customized, interactive program designed to help you plan, prep, and plate simple and delicious meals for you and your family. If you are interested in signing up for my PPP program please contact me:

My website/blog is just a place for me to keep all my recipes. Definitely find me on Instagram, @feedyoursister, that’s where I post the most and am always sharing recipes, meal prep tips, kitchen hacks, and my favorite things in and around NYC.

What is your best tip for someone trying to start their own business?

I would recommend just getting started, even if it’s a small business at the beginning. Networking has been very helpful for me in getting new clients and being connected to others. Instagram is a great place for that!

How did you get interested in the cooking/meal prepping space?

Since I was a little girl I always loved cooking. I come from a family of very good cooks with a wide variety of cuisines and cultures. I am a self-taught chef and love mixing flavors and creating dishes on the fly!

What’s your go-to meal prep?

Every week is different for both my clients and myself. Right now, because it’s summer and so hot out, I have been enjoying many salads and smoothies. I prep proteins to add to my salads and make salad dressing from scratch! My clients all have different menus, based on their requests or dietary needs. I always share my client meal preps on IG on Mondays. If you are just starting out with meal prep I recommend prepping 2 proteins, 3-4 veggies, a salad, dressing/sauce, and a grain or legume. Start with that and adjust to your needs.

Can you share a summer recipe you’re currently loving (if you have pictures that would be amazing)? 

One of my favorite summer recipes is my Summer Peach Basil Salad. It’s perfect for stone fruit season and can be served with a side of grilled chicken.

Another fave recipe is my Spicy Shrimp Salad, which can be made with chicken if you don’t eat shrimp!

Favorite pre or post-FHIX meal?

It’s usually a smoothie or greek yogurt with berries and Splenda. (PS it tastes like whipped cream…so good!)

Best advice for a Fhitting Room first-timer?

Don’t be scared!! And definitely introduce yourself to the FHITpro and the people around you. Also, make sure you aren’t assigned to the bike. LOL, my least favorite! I always go for the rower.

What’s the best way for people to find out more about your meal prep services + cooking classes?

The best way to find out about anything I am up to is to follow my IG account @feedyoursister.

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