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Why Fitness Planners Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

Fitness • March 22, 2022

Have you ever struggled to stay on track with your fitness routine? (Spoiler alert, so have we)! Thankfully, there are simple ways to help you better stick to it. We’re going to share solutions you can start incorporating into your life right away. Think about other life goals you may have apart from fitness, and how you’ve accomplished them. We already tend to track many parts of our daily lives to stay organized and make sure tasks get accomplished. Why not do the same with our fitness routine? A fitness tracker is a perfect solution for goal setting, tracking progress, and measuring results. Any successful business has a goal, a plan, and KPIs to ensure they are making progress and getting closer to their desired end result. The same idea can be applied to fitness and can even make it a more enjoyable process! If you’re wondering how a fitness journal can benefit you, keep reading to find out.

Fitness journals create accountability:

Have you ever set a goal either in fitness or in life and then quickly forgot about it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily, a study from the Dominican University of California found that writing down your goals and sharing them with a friend was linked to successfully accomplishing them. Saying something out loud to a friend or a colleague creates a sense of accountability, since they will likely ask you about the goals you’ve mentioned. Take it one step further to actually writing down that goal and see how much more motivated you are to get it done. When it’s written down, it is no longer just a goal you have in your mind, but it is out there in the world. Knowing that you’re working towards a specific goal will ensure you stay on track, motivated and even excited. Being excited makes the fitness journey experience more enjoyable. Plus, knowing you have a set plan to work with will help keep you on track. 

Fitness journals are designed for goal-getting and will help you see your objectives to the finish line. Set a time each week (we recommend Sundays to kick off the week strong) to sit down with your fitness tracker and map out your workout and meal plan for the week. Be realistic about your schedule and consider all of your social activities that you may need to work around. Treat your workout like you would any work meeting and block off time in your calendar to get it done. The FHIT journal we’ve created with the help of NYC’s top fitness professions, includes various workouts and recipes from Fhitting Room trainers to help keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

Set specific, measurable goals:

Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound). You should think about any challenges that might arise and make sure to write them down so that you are aware and can plan accordingly. When you have a SMART goal you can create a viable plan, measure the progress as you go, and review the outcome at the end of your fitness journey. Having SMART goals make the idea of getting your workouts done less daunting, and makes your end goals feel more feasible. Good SMART goals are meant to be achievable. You can then evaluate how you to move forward based on these results.

Track progress:

Fitness journals let you see how far you’ve come and how you’ve improved over a period of time. Studies have suggested, as mentioned by Bustle, that “routine self-tracking is more likely to result in positive changes to health management approaches.” The FHIT journal gives you tools to track your progress through a series of benchmark workouts. These workouts can serve as a point of reference. Knowing your starting fitness level is crucial so that you can create realistic and achievable short-term and long-term goals. The FHIT Journal tracks progress over the course of a 12-week journey. The benchmark workouts can help you determine your 12-week goal. You can use the journal to track your score and monitor progress. You also can use the FHIT journal to evaluate how to move forward at the end of your program. Think about what you enjoyed the most, what challenges you encountered, what changes you can make, and what goals you can set next. Don’t forget to celebrate how far you’ve come! 

Foster Productivity: 

Many of us get caught up wasting time at the gym or are unsure where to even begin. Setting goals and tracking them means you will need a plan to work towards. With a fitness journal  you can have your workouts planned out so when it comes time to do them you have a guide all ready to go and can make sure you are efficient with your time. All you have to do is start! The FHIT journal includes 4 bodyweight + kettlebell benchmark workouts to test your strength and track progress, plus motivational quotes to keep you going strong! Making your goals attainable results in consistency which in turn can also result in creating consistent healthy habits moving forward. 

Personal Trainer in Your Pocket:

Proper form is also crucial when working out. The FHIT Journal has a movement library to ensure you are confident with all the exercises in the recommended workouts. We also know questions may arise on how to most efficiently reach your goals throughout your journey. Who doesn’t want all the perks of a personal trainer at their fingertips? The FHIT Journal gives you access to some of NYC’s top trainers. You can email Fhitting Room trainers, Ben and Kendall, directly at any point in your journey, as an added resource to help you discover your most fit and confident self.

Ready to get started on your fitness journey? We’ve created a 12-week printable journal intended to help you increase your strength, quality of life, and boost your mood. We’re giving you the chance to get a sneak peek and try it out FREE! Download a free preview or purchase the downloadable FHIT journal now and get ready to crush your fitness goals! The FHIT journal makes it easy to stay on track and stay motivated while crushing your goals week after week!

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