Master Our Movements

KB Dead Clean

Learn proper technique for some of our signature movements. Practice before you come, or perfect as you go!

Step 1: Start with your feet hip-width apart, or slightly wider, and the kettlebell between your feet.

Step 2: Lower into a squat and grab the handle of the kettlebell with your thumb pointing towards your body. Make sure to keep your arm straight, your knees bent, back flat, and eyes on the bell.

Step 3: Driving through your legs, quickly pull the bell up from the floor. When the kettlebell reaches your abs, quickly turn your elbow in and rotate your hand so your palm is facing the opposite direction. The kettlebell should travel up the middle of your chest.

Step 4: Once the kettlebell reaches chest height, it should rest gently between your forearm and bicep. In this position, your wrist should be flat, your elbow should be tucked in towards your ribs, and your thumb should rest at your sternum. This is the rack position.

Step 5: To bring the bell back to the floor, reverse the move, allowing the bell to travel down your chest and quickly reverse the direction of your hand when the bell reaches your abs.

Step 6: Repeat the movement on one side before switching arms.

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