Published November 11, 2015

The Sweat Scoop: October 2014


  1. Instructor Julia Avery made the Shape Magazine ‘Hot List’ 2 months in a row!  Julia’s instagram Average2Athlete was selected by Shape as an inspiring instagram for the November issue.  All of that along with the ass-kicking FHIXs she delivers makes her a true #FHITspiration.
  2. Get your green (juice) on! Instructors Eric and Daury paid a visit to the new Juice Press in our ‘hood’ for a postFHIX smoothie.
  3. Sports fans rejoice!  Derek Jeter launched a new website, The Players’ Tribune.   You can sign up to read articles directly from some of the most influential and well-known athletes across all sports.  So far, The Player’s Tribune has featured articles from Blake Griffin, Danica Patrick, and Russell Wilson, and of course Derek Jeter. Read more on The Players’ Tribune here.
  4. Congrats to FHIXer Maria who won our ‘caption this’ post earlier this week!  We thought your caption was so FHITting!, Next time you come in we will have a prize FHIX waiting for you at the front desk that is perfect for post HIT!
  5. Fitness and fashion enthusiast, Hannah Bronfman, has rounded up this season’s up and coming food trends.  We are excited to indulge in the foodie endeavors along with her.  Check out her blog to read more about her round up here.
  6. Trick or beatz! Get into the spooooky spirit with our Halloween themed playlist on Spotify.  Follow us on Spotify to hear all our favorite songs to help you HIT it (or at least make your office tunes more exciting)!
  7. Think it’s impossible to schedule a last minute FHIX?  We are happy to announce we have officially launched with Beautified.  Download the app, and when you are in a time crunch, search for The Fhitting Room to see what last minute spots we have available with Beautified.  Download the app here
  8. Kettlebell Swing 101: follow our instagram to get the latest tips from our highly educated instructors on the perfect FHIT form!
  9. For our Fashionable FHIXers: the Alexander Wang for HM full collection has been released.  Pick out your favorites now and get ready for the madness on November 6th, when the full collection will be available online and in stores. See all the looks on
  10. Release your inner Superhero with our #goFHIX! Check out Java and his superhuman form in this week’s #goFHIX on Instagram or Facebook