Published June 8, 2018

The Sweat Scoop: May 2018


  1. Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen? Check. A bangin’ beach workout Halle Berry’s trainer swears by? Well+Good has you covered. 

  2. Greatist has all the #fitspo you need. Check out their 100 Most Influential People in Health + Fitness and get ready to up your Instagram follow count. Your feed is about to get a whole lot healthier. 

  3. Summer barbecues (and all their tasty temptations) are right around the corner. If you’re looking to curb cravings, help cut your sugar intake with this alternative ketchup recipe from mindbodygreen. Because what goes better with burgers than hot pink beet ketchup? 

  4. If high-intensity interval training (HIIT) isn’t already a part of your workout routine, it will be after you read these benefits from Women’s Health. Now you can leave your “I don’t have time to workout” excuses at home and opt for a quick 15-minute HIIT workout.

  5. We all know weight training helps to build strength and tone muscle, but according to The New York Times, lifting weights might also lift moods. New research shows that weight training can help ease or prevent depression. 

  6. Don’t get in a slump this summer. Up your meal prep game with these 7 easy-to-make (and vegetarian friendly!) recipes from Shape. The best part? You only need 10 ingredients to start making meals that will spice up your summer lunches.

  7. If you’ve ever felt the need to write a scathing online review after a less than ideal workout class, you might want to stop and think first. This eye-opening article from Self Magazine, written by a spin instructor, is here to remind you that there’s a real person at the other end of every comment (good and bad).

  8. No equipment? No problem. These 3 ab workouts from Health require nothing more than a pillow and 60 seconds of your time. Whether you’re traveling for the summer and don’t want to lug around weights, or you’re just looking to get a quick workout in, Health has you covered. 

  9. If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect home gym, but have felt stuck on where to start, Men’s Health has the guide for you. Their beginner’s guide to battle ropes breaks down everything you need to know about buying your first set of ropes. Plus, you’ll learn all about the benefits of battling. 

  10. Looking to switch up your workout routine and get into the great outdoors this summer? Refinery29 has rounded up 8 of the best rock climbing spots to visit in NYC. Chalk optional.